Saturday, May 10, 2014

Doing Something I Haven't Done in 30 Years!

Hey kids!
I don't how it happens, but somehow 2 months have lapsed since my last appearance around here... Not gonna waste yer time with excuses, but I will say I have had a TON of things to say, but haven't been able to make the time to say it.
As y'all know - I am a DIE-HARD TAMPA BAY RAYS FAN... I LOVE my team and will support them through thick and thin. So far this year I have been a lucky fan and I have gone to nearly EVERY home game this year. Working third shift has its advantages in that regard - I often have the chance to check out games on the way to work, but that is another story...
Anyhoo -  my team has issues. There are injuries and mucho bad luck, but beyond that they have played like crap. The starting pitching sucks, the offense is non-existent and on the occasion they are still in a game after the sixth inning - chances are the bull pen will blow it. It is still early in the season and I have tons of faith in my team, but I aint gonna lie - I'm getting nervous. I have gotten quite used to the Rays battling for a playoff spot every year and I am not ready for that run to end...
Switching gears - I am still collecting, I have trades and sweet new cards to post - I am slowly chipping away at 2014 Heritage and will post my have and have not list sometime soon. I have also been working on my "Rays Man Cave". At 22 years old with a family of his own - I have decided it is safe to convert my Son Zadeh's bedroom into my collecting den... I have been saving stadium give aways and collecting baseballs, bats and photos for years now, but everything has always been tucked away in storage, but now it going to be displayed full on!!! I have a little more painting to do, some light construction and some more picture frames to buy, but the cave is getting close to its Grand Opening. I will post photos, perhaps even video when it is done!
So, back to the subject of this post...
I WILL be doing something tonight that I haven't done since 1986.
I have a hot date and I am going to Tropicana Field and sitting in the Home Plate Club, but that isn't the exciting part...
I am going out to a ball game with MY MOM!!!!
We haven't gone out to a game alone together since 1986 when her and spent many weekends at the wonder known as Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York. She took me to many games during the 80's, but we went to many during 1986. We were Mets fans (and I feel comfortable admitting that, now) and I think everyone knows how that year ended for them...
I am looking forward to a night out with my Mom and I hope she can lend herself as a good luck charm to a team that can really, really use it.
Her and I will be sitting in section 106, behind the net, behind home plate and I am SO EXCITED!!! Now would be a great time for them to remember how to win again. Sorry Cleveland...
Batter up!
Go Rays!
troll out.


  1. My mom has been gone for more than ten years. My wife lost her mom about 4 years ago right around this time so she's feeling kinda sad. Enjoy the game win or lose and the time with your mom,

  2. Sounds like fun. I haven't been to a game alone with my mom but our family has gone several times, most recently a few weeks ago. Enjoy. Cherish the time you have together.

    And ask her why she added that "c" to your name. It still isn't too late to have it changed.

  3. I thought the thing you hadn't done for 30 years was write a blog post. (which means it has been 50 years for me)

    It's probably been 25 years since I went to a game with my mom though I have never been to a game with just her. It is kind of a coincidence but I'm going to a game with her next Tuesday. My daughter ran the Dbacks 5K for cancer last week and took third in her age group so she gets to be on the field before the game and receive her reward. (third place was pretty freaking awesome since she just turned 7 in April and she was running in the U13 group) So anyway my whole family is going to the game to see her get her reward.

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