Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Would a 1952 Topps Card be the Oldest In Your Collection???

If you answered yes to the question posed in the title of this post then you qualify for this amazing giveaway from Chris of the Vintage Sports Cards blog. Chris is chasing down the 1952 Topps set... Seriously. I think he is pretty close. He has 202 cards to go which puts him past the halfway marker. To someone who doesn't own a single 1952 Topps card - that is unbelievable! He is at the point where he actually has dupes from that historic set and today he is feeling generous and offering to give away 2 of them. The only stipulation is they must become the oldest baseball card in your collection. I tried to enter the contest myself. I do own a 1951 Bowman card, BUT my oldest Topps card is from 1956, so that WOULD BE THE OLDEST TOPPS CARD IN MY COLLECTION. I will have to wait and see what the judges have to say on that one. There are 3 cards total that he is offering. I have my sights set on a 1953 Topps Hank Thompson that received some scissor modification. I am a big Hank Thompson fan. I have been bidding on his Bowman cards on the 'Bay lately, but haven't won one yet.

Anyway, my advice to you my dear readers is to go check out the Vintage Sports Cards Blog right now AND IF one of those cards would become your oldest you need to comment and give yourself a shot at winning one.

Other than the '53 Thompson, Chris is offering a '52 Topps card of Bob "Sarge" Kuzava - a pitcher who won three consecutive rings with the Yankees from '51-'53. The third card is of journeyman catcher Clyde Kluttz (great name!) shown as a Washington Senators. Despite what his name indicates Kluttz was a superb defensive backstop who led the league in thwarting base stealers multiple times.

So, I will repeat, if you meet the requirements, one of these cards can be yours just for commenting on a really great blog. If you don't regularly read Vintage Sports Cards, you should probably consider it. Chris has an AMAZING collection and a really informative blog, so go check it out, enter the contest and tell him the Troll sent you! Go Rays! troll out.

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    And I also offered an extra entry to anyone who mentioned the contest on their blog, so you'll definitely get a shot.

    We'll just have to see what the judges say about the technicality of your "oldest card" but it looks like you might be OK there, too.

    Oh, and I live in the Tampa area too, so if you win...maybe the card can be delivered in person. Drop me an email, maybe I'll see if I can dig up another "oldest" Topps card if you don't win this one.