Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Out of the Loop...

So, my wife had her surgery on Thursday... All went well, she has a fully rebuilt knee and should be better than new in 2 months...

Since we live on the third floor we decided that we would stay at her Mom's house for a week. It has been a nice vacation, but there is one problem - she doesn't have an internet connection and and none of her neighbors do either... I stopped at home to check the mail and figured I would sneak on for a second... My 2011 Ginter want list is up to date. I have been lucky to do several trades and the binder is getting more and more full...

I hope to be home by the weekend. I have a TON to post... If you have posted a trade from me, I probably haven't seen it and I apologize... Please email me the link as I will be behind 2 weeks in checking everyone's blogs. I am totally up for trading - just be patient if you send me a message... I am going to go after 2006 and 2007 Allen and Ginter as my next set quests. I have about 20 cards from each year so far, so if anyone has a starter lot - I would gladly take em off of your hands...

Oh, I recieved my winnings from the Play at the Plate 1,000,000th post contest - a box of Lineage. Ripping it was pretty awesome, I will leave y'all with a taste of shiny Roy Campanella. If you are chasing Lineage, drop me a line, I might be able to help ya out.

Oh, one last thing... I have trade packages ready to go for RGB Cards and Pirates Treasure Room. They have a little dust on them and I would REALLY like to get them out, SO if you are from one of those blogs OR if you know their addy, please let me know... Also, I have shipped a number of packages this past month, but I haven't heard from many of you. I like to know when y'all recieve stuff, so lemme know please... Okay, I'm done for real.

Cheers! GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!! troll out.


  1. check your email for RGB cards...

  2. Good to see all is going well for you... hope that the missus gets well soon...

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mrs. Troll! When I really get to a millionth post (ha!), I'm having an EPIC contest.

  4. Here's to a quick recovery for Ms. Gin-n-juice.

  5. Hey dude. Glad to hear wifey's doing well.

    And congrats on the Rays. That was one hell of a game last night.

  6. Glad to hear that things are going better. Hope you didn't miss the game last night. Looks like a rematch but with Texas having the home field advantage this time around.