Monday, February 13, 2012

My First Glance at 2012 Topps...

I gave in and bought some 2012 Topps… It started with 2 packs
on Thursday; it led to a cereal box on Friday and grew into 3 more packs on Saturday and 1 more this morning… I am waaaay past my budget, but I foresee another cereal box and a few more packs in the NEAR future… I have a small stack of cards sitting beside me – not many, but it’s enough to create a list, I think…
I rip on Topps about collation EVERY year, so I won’t much beyond the fact that after my purchases I have 85 cards towards the set. My packs and box yield a total of 144 cards. I did get a bunch of inserts (pretty standard) and a couple of parallels, but some of those were also dupes.

I did not get a single card from card 4 up till #28, yet I did manage to pull 4 copies of both card #110 of Mark Teixeira and card #298 of new Rays utilityman Jeff Keppinger. I also pulled 3 copies of #48 Wade Davis (not really complaining ‘bout this one) and #104, Brett Anderson, #2 Trevor Cahill AND #215 of Freddie Freeman. Aside from those, I have 16 additional duplicates. Not good Topps!

So anyway, I am 26% of the way there, I do intend on buying more packs, partially because I really wanna pull a Rally Squirrel card OR 1 of the other crazy short print variations that selling for big bucks on the ‘Bay.
I should also mention that my cards to chase (so far) in 2012 are the 2 different awesome cards of Rays leftfielder Desmond Jennings. So, colorful versions cards #ed 5 and 15 of DJ are my key wants for 2012 so far… If you have black, blue, red, gold, sparkly, silky or otherwise cards of Jennings – well, I want them!!!
I do think they I am going to try and chase the ’87 set… I don’t fully understand why they are sized like ’75 minis, but they are pretty sweet nonetheless.
As for the other insert sets and the reds and sparkles that I have pulled so far – I will post them ALL very soon and they are all up for grabs. For now, this is my want list. Get in touch if you can lend a hand. Please contact me before shipping so I can give youan alternate address.
Pitchers and catchers are reporting so very soon!!! I can’t wait!
Go Rays! Troll out.

Oh, not out just yet... Although I do have a ten dollar bill set aside to grab a few packs at Target, this is what I need so far... I should mention that I haven't pulled any of the crazy SPs, pies in the face or rodent cards. I do have a red parallel of Franklin Guitierez with John Lannan stats on the back...

303,304,305,310,311,314,315,316,319,320,327,328,330 and 331.

Okay, thats all I need, just another 250 cards or so... Ugh, Topps. I don't learn, though, I am gonna be buying more. It's a decent looking set. I don't like as much as 2011 and I will say that ripping '11 Updates was more exciting, had better photography and had more players on the right teams... Still, Topps is Topps and I love Topps Baseball cards, SO I will be chasing it...
As an endnote, we (the Bradentucky Bombers) opened our 2012 season with a bang - we beat (handily) the Miami Vice City Rollers. We had fun and left with no injuries, so win, win!
Troll out for real!


  1. Be careful if you grab another cereal box. I've noticed horrible nearly the same base cards in the same order on my three boxes.

  2. congrats on the win... and remember. You can never have too much Freddie.

  3. Save the red-bordered Tony gwynn for me. I'll get some cards together for you, although I'm sort of way behind.

  4. Night Owl, I planned on sharing it with ya... just wasn't sure if you had it yet...