Saturday, January 8, 2011

The First Grand Prize Card Revealed...

Regarding the Guess the Grand Babies Name Contest... I purposely didn't try to brag about who the cards would be of. I wanted readers to enter whether they were winning Richie Ashburn or Roberto Clemente. Actually, y'all have a shot at both of them. I stated before that I sealed each of my 1956 Topps cards in an envelope and I am having a friend (who doesn't collect) chose one. My friend and Bradentucky Bombers skater (who will remain nameless right now) picked the first envelope. This is one of my FAVORITE cards in my collection, well it was... Anyway, when I announce the winner, he or she will receive 3 cards including this one, card #20 of Mr. Tiger himself Al Kaline!!! Oh, by the way, the first place winner picked the time within 4 minutes. The second place was within 5 minutes and the third place pick was within 10 minutes, too. When announced the GRAND PRIZE winner will have 3 days to comment and claim their prize. This is to prevent contest trollers (ha!) and make sure the winner occasionally reads this blog. If he or she doesn't claim within 3 days, it will go to the second place winner. Sound bueno? Stay tuned for the other 2 cards AND the winner. Oh, still waiting to hear from the winner of the 1962 Warren Spahn. Please comment and email me soon or miss out! Oh, on a totally unrelated note, I just listed a bunch of machinist tools and gages on the 'Bay. I am warming up before I list my entire Carl Crawford collection. Stay tuned... Bye bye Matt Garza! troll out.


  1. Wow...that's GRRREAT ala Tony the Tiger. Very nice prize.

  2. So, how's Grandbaby Troll Atlas Ray Generous doing. Moma and all adjusting? Won't be long til the whole pitter patter thing.