Monday, January 17, 2011

Troll's Topps Million, er single, Card Giveaway!

I want to finish 2010 Topps Updates SO badly! I have a few trades pending, but while at the LCS this weekend I bought 3 hobby packs from a freshly opened box. I ripped them right there and got nothing. Had I had more than 10 bucks to my name I would have kept ripping till I pulled the auto, but alas I am broke... Anyway, I got another MCG redemption card. I couldn't resist the excitement of unlocking it, but have no interest in redeeming it. I know that the huge Play at the Plate trade-a-thon is over and I don't know if anyone is still looking for these, BUT I did manage to unlock my 5th 1972 card. Does anyone want this Mike Nagy? I don't want anything in return. Just claim and email me. I will home from work around 1:00 AM Eastern. All of my want lists are updated by the way. I think I am down to needing just 2 cards to finish off all of the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays team sets from 1997 on up. I also have a new Most Wanted Card. Thanks for reading! troll out.


  1. Marck, I just mailed you a package last week, hope it had some stuff you could use.

  2. I'm surprised they have anything but '87 cards left.