Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Accidental 2007 Mini...

I have a paper due. A lengthy research paper. It’s on the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. A FANTASTIC piece of literature. For some reason I just don’t feel like writing. Go figure…

Today’s CT Card o’ da Day is card #228 from 2007 Allen and Ginter, mini, black bordered version featuring Jack the Ripper. I had bought a lot of 50 2008 A and G minis online. Got ‘em for a good price, but it turned out to be 20 from 2008, 25 from 2009 and a couple from 2006 and 2007… I was a little pissed, but they were cheap and the off-year cards were pretty freaking cool. Something about a black bordered card of a murderer in the middle of neo vintage baseball card set… I really wish I had a scan of the back. Someday soon...
Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Love these types of cards. Lookin' forward to the A & G spooky subset this year.

  2. Is that a sombero he's wearing? Maybe not, but it's still cool.