Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks, Links, Want Lists, Dribble... What Else Can I Post Without a Scanner?

Before I start this post I will say despite the title I found some pics to break up my dribble. Okay... So last night I had a long talk with my supervisor at work… The result was he understood my need for overtime and approved my shift working Saturdays for the rest of the month… For a card blogger whose PayPal account is at zero and bank account is over drafted, this is GREAT news… My wife picked up 2 extra shifts this week, too. Things are looking up for the Troll Clan.
We made a list of things we NEED to pick up this weekend. Beyond the boring groceries, we decided we could seriously benefit from a printer and scanner combo. With the wife’s approval, the scanner is as good as mine.
I can’t wait cuz I have some really fancy cards that I want to show off. I received my first package since announcing that I was back… It fits in well with a couple others I had got recently…
Here are 3 small (this is a mini reference, ha) reasons that I need a scanner:

My new best friend Chris from the Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz card blog hooked me up with 7 Allen and Ginter minis that go from rare to RARER and consequently I was able to update my Ginter needs list for the first time in 8 months.
Thanks to him I am about halfway done with the Team Orange set, which I LOVE and I got to scratch off 2 more from the super tough World’s Icons set. My Ginter needs list is getting smaller and smaller… BTW - These images aren't the awesome cards from Chris, but they are genuine Ginter minis in my collection that I have never posted before...
Speaking of 2008 Allen and Ginter – I would never even have got started with it without the help and support of my favorite Ohio blogger Duane from the Democratic Roadkill blog. He has sent me 100s of GREAT Ginters that I NEED to show off. A few of them can be found in this very post...
I don’t limit my mini madness exclusively to Allen and Ginter; I am in pursuit of the 2011 Topps minis. There are 50 cards in Series 1 and I thought I had no chance at all until Ted from the Crinkly Wrappers blog tore my needs list to bit… He sent me 34 different Kimball minis!!! I need just 4 more minis. I really couldn’t believe it when I opened that package and saw that many different minis. Blogger generosity seriously blows me away! If you happen to have any spare minis from this one, all I need now are 20, 21, 25 and card #43 of Pee Wee Reese to finish it all off….
I am really psyched about the potential of picking up a scanner. This blog would look a whole lot better with some pics…

I owe a HUGE thank you to these 3 super bloggers for the super cool tiny cards… I owe thank yous to a whole bunch of people… Send me an email to remind me if I haven’t thanked you for a package you have sent this past year… Oh, one more thing… There are a few of you out there that I have owed a package to for a LONG time… Captain Canuck – it’s going on a year and a half, and Jonathan at RGB Cards, it’s been nearly that long. With her extra shifts the super wife has promised to lend me the dough to finally get these international card packages in the mail. I think you guys will be happy. The benefit of taking a year to ship a package is that I have been adding to your piles for over a year…
Of course my want lists are up to date... In fact: Tony from the aptly named Collector From Across the Pond - A Giants fan in England… and I are working out a deal to whittle my 2010 Topps Heritage needs list down to nearly nothing…. I need just 14 more short prints to finish this one off. A huge thank you to Tony for getting in touch. This is a trade I can’t wait to pull off…
I LOVE this hobby!!! Hit me up if you wanna trade and keep your eyes on the mailbox cuz I have about a dozen domestic “thank you” packages that are slated to go out next week.
Thanks for reading! Thanks again to Ted, Chris, Duane and everybody else who has kept my mailbox full of goodies!!! Oh... Worried about this being a boring post without any pics, my neighbor scanned a couple of the Kimball minis from Crinkly Wrappers for me. AWESEOME!!! Go Rays. Troll out.


  1. no worries my friend. I ain't going anywhere.

    Just be sure to enclose an autographed pic of you and the Mrs for my collection.

    and I do have a Team Orange mini... somewhere. It's yours if you need it ..... and if I can find it. Damn those things are small.

  2. great to see u blogging if i could just get myself to posting again.......I should have some goodies for you at some point!