Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Topps Opening Day Inserts - Who Needs 'Em???

I ripped a blaster of 2012 Opening Day and seriously might get another... 10 bucks for 11 packs?

Awesome! And I pulled a blue parallel of Evan Longoria! Ha! My best pull this year!

I am going to try and build this set and will try and get a list together, but I have the Raymond mascot card - thanks Brian! and that was my most wanted insert... I would like the Rays Superstar Celebration card and any other Rays inserts, but I won't be chasing any insert sets, even though the 3D Opening Day Stars are pretty cool, every thing I pulled is up for grabs.
Here is what I got:

BLUE Parallels: #153 Aramis Ramirez and 160 Carlos Ruiz.

MASCOTS: M4 Arizona Diamondbacks unnamed kitty kat, M5 Fred Bird and M25 Junction Jack.

FANTASY SQUAD: FS1 Albert Pujols, FS14 Brian McCann, FS15 Joe Mauer and FS16 David Ortiz.

ELITE SKILLS: ES2 Alex Gordon, ES3 Prince Fielder and ES22 Jacoby Ellsbury.

OPENING DAY STARS: ODS7 Justin Verlander,  ODS14 Hanley Ramirez and ODS17 David Wright.

SUPERSTAR CELEBRATIONS: SC13 David Wright, Mets, SC17 Adam Jones, Orioles (2 copies of this one) and SC18 Brett Lawrie, Blue Jays-TAKEN
If you want ANYTHING posted here, claim it in the comments please, first to comment gets 'em. Then, shoot me an e-mail with your mailing address and if we have never traded before, let me know what you are giving me in return...
Thanks for reading! Hope somebody can use a few of these... I also posted my dupes from 2012 Heritage, find them here.
Oh, before I sign off, congrats to one of my favorite bloggers on hitting the 200 followers and 100,000 hits plateaus... Keep up the great work! Hit up Skate at the Plate and congratulate him yourself.
Go Rays! troll out.


  1. Hey Mr. Troll - I'd love to trade you for the Brett Lawrie Superstar Celebrations card. I'll send along an email.

  2. Dennis, the card is all yours... Shoot me your address

  3. I have a blue bordered Matt Garza and a Opening Day Stars lenticular David Price if you need/want them... lmk bud.

  4. i'm take the Hanley off your hands

  5. Hey, I just broke a hobby box today. Here's what I need from your list (if they're still available): SUPERSTAR CELEBRATIONS: SC13 David Wright, Mets, SC17 Adam Jones, Orioles; Opening Day Stars OD17 David Wright; ELITE SKILLS: ES2 Alex Gordon, ES3 Prince Fielder and ES22 Jacoby Ellsbury; and Mascots M25 Junction Jack. I'll shoot you an email to recap and let you know what I've got for you.

  6. At first glance I thought the Cardinals Mascot card was of "Free Bird." How cool would that have been?

  7. I'd like to lay claim to Fredbird, Mr. Troll.

    @Chunter: Free Bird would be a cool mascot name, especially with the "Happy Flight" mantra.