Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Day Off After 19 Days...Spending Time With My Cards, Thanking the Topps Collector and Showing Off Photos of the BRADENTUCKY BOMBERS!!! Oh Yeah!

YeS!! No work today! After working 19 straight days without a day off I am off for 3 days in a row... The boss decided at the last minute to close the shop for the weekend and I wasn't about to complain. I do love overtime, but working 29 days a month gets old.

So, what do I do with my day off? First I sort through all the awesome cards I got in the mail for The Topps Collector... We are talking want list annihilation from 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Topps along with a big stack of 2008 Topps which could lead to want list creation...

So far I have only updated the 2009 Topps list, which I must say is starting to look a lot shorter and a whole lot better... I will do my best to post up a formal thank you to my new buddy Edgar from the The Topps Collector blog...  For now, do what I did and start up a trade with him, you will not regret it! TTC want lists can be found HERE. Tell him the Troll sent you!

Aside from card fun, I will be doing a charity car wash with the Bradentucky Bombers at 2 o'clock... My lovely wife is at work, but will be getting a very large tattoo right after. She is thinking about 5 hours to do the outline, so I can wash some cars and then meet up with her. Tonight? I am sure there is fun on the agenda, I just don't know what yet. For now I am glad just to not be at work...

I haven't scanned any of the sweet cards that the Topps Collector sent over yet, so I will leave you with this photo of the wife and I that I think is pretty darn cool...

 Our team, the Bombers, did a photo shoot with an AWESOME photographer named Ken LeBleau last week. I am still waiting to see the official photos, but he leaked out a few extras including this one... The photo is called Bacon and Eggs - I (Side of Bacon) provide the bacon while my wife (Esther Gin N Juice) is giving the ovary gang sign to account for the eggs... Good times!

Thanks for reading! I totally crashed last night before all the group meetings on the field during the Rays game. Interesting stuff, but the final score was all that was really important to me...

Oh, the photo at the top is of some of the folks from the Bradentucky Bombers before a parade we did last month. It rained on our parade, literally, but over 100,000 people still came out and we flung 1000s of beads. The team photo is from our last home bout against Gainesville last Sunday...

Our next home bout is June 30th and we are  going to start playing at our Convention Center and will be able to house 1000s of fans. Pretty psyched about that!

Oh, also thanks to all the awesome folks who have helped me in my quest for 2012 Topps Heritage! Soooo much help and support! I am now well over 80% and need just 46 more short prints and a handful of basecards to stick a fork in this set, I really can't believe it, thanks!!!!!!! The list is once again UP TO DATE!

Thanks again to Edgar aka The Topps Collector for all of the awesome cards, PLEASE go check out his blog right now!

Go Rays! troll out.


  1. Never have and never will look as cool as you.

  2. Are you kidding Hackenbush??? WE, the card collectors and card bloggers of the world are THE COOLEST guys and gals on the planet!!!! Don't forget it!