Monday, May 21, 2012

70 Per Cent of 2012 Heritage Is Now In the Binder!!!

The post office has been quiet the past 2 weeks for me... I am expecting a few, but I check everyday and its empty, well everyday except last Friday when I had a box reader Bruce B. from Connecticut... The box was chock full o' Heritage, 32 cards including short prints and also including my first copies of Joe Maddon and Desmond Jennings base cards... My LIST is up to date and current now. You might notice that Maddon and Jennings remain on the list. I don't actually NEED them anymore, but I WANT more copies...

With the 30 cards I did cross off of the list I have officially hit 70%!!!! I seriously didn't think I would get near this close and I am pretty damn psyched about it... Right now the decision is easy cuz I am broke, but should I have an extra 20 bucks next week, do I buy another blaster? Do I bid on eBay or COMC? Do I rip something else and hope to get some trade bait for more trading?

What to do? I could use some advice...

The Rays are down 3-2 to the Jays and I need to be at work in 4-1/2 hours. Blurgh. Come on Rays! Put this away before I fall asleep, please!!!!

If ya have any extra Heritage laying around, PLEASE check out my 2012 Heritage needs list which is current and up to date...Thanks again for the trade Bruce!!! You should have yer cards in the mail this week for sure...

I should mention that this is the first Joe Maddon card I have posted in some time - I don't have many and this is my first Maddon Heritage card, so that is pretty freaking awesome!!! Maddon is one of my PCs and I am desperately chasing any parallels or autos or relics that I can get my hands on... I will say someone headed my call the last time I made this plea and sent not one, but 2 of my MOST WANTED Joe Maddon cards. Stay tuned cuz I just might get around to posting them someday soon...

Before I sign off I wanted to send out birthday greetings! These aren't directed at Josh Hamilton, but it is his b-day, too... The man I am concerned with is my hero, my best friend and my biggest fan - my Dad! Happy Birthday Dad!!!! It was great to see you today and you still don't look a day over 40!

One last thing... The mission for this Friday is to get cards in the mail for Matt F., Julie, Adam E. and  D. Waggoner. If I still owe you and your zip code wasn't listed in my previous post, please drop me a line and a friendly reminder... Thanks also to Kyle from the JABO Blog who included the 2001 Josh Hamilton as a bonus along with my take from his Gypsy Queen break (which I will post someday)...

The score is now Toronto 6 and the Rays 2. Come on guys, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading! Go Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!! troll out.


  1. Did you get some Ginter relics I sent awhile back? I'm just checking because it's possible I only thought I sent them.

  2. I don't believe that I did Brian... I do love Ginter relics and I know I would remember that...

  3. I have some 2012 Heritage's for you, I sent an e-mail.

  4. Hey, just a heads up, I'll be sending you 42, 170, 200, 237, 343, and 432.

  5. I sent you a card the other day. It wasn't a heritage though. It was a little shinier.