Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Things Coming! Of a Vintage Nature...

So I have yet to write a post, that will be coming later this week, but I have been invited by mega blogger Jim from Downing Town to join the crew at the 1963 Topps Blog.

I started working on the '63 Topps set about 2 years ago when I was still regularly blogging... I have been buying lots and making trades and I am now in possession of 217 cards (out of 576). That means I am 38% complete and I am working hard to make that number climb!

I will begin blogging the cards I already have for the '63 Topps Blog and will ideally be posting 2 - 4 times weekly. That means I can keep it going for at least a year even if I don't acquire any more cards.

The baseball season is nearing the final stretch and I am very focused on cheering the Tampa Bay Rays into the playoffs... Hopefully this happens and they return to the World Series to play for all the marbles, hopefully.

Whether they do or not - I would like to keep blogging and collecting throughout the MLB offseason. I don't really follow football (I am a Bucs fan and we saw the great start they got off to) so I think that VINTAGE is the perfect subject for me to write about.

If you don't already follow the 1963 Topps Blog, you should check it out. All the current content is from Jim, who is a very knowledgeable collector. I will do my best to follow his format and follow his lead. It should be pretty awesome. I am very excited about the opportunity to try something new and write for a well respected blog about an awesome set.

If you also collect '63 Topps and want to trade - you can find my needs list right HERE.
If you are a fan of this set and you want to blog about it also - contact Jim through the blog. The more the merrier!

As always, I love to trade and to talk cards, if you wanna get in touch you can reach me HERE.

Thanks for reading and please, please check out a great vintage card set blog right here. You can find links to all of Jim's fine vintage set blogs on the page and if you check back in about a week, you can see the debut of yer pal the Troll trying his hand at set blogging.

When I write my first post, I will link it here, but just the first post. If you like what you see, I hope you will follow the 1963 Topps blog...

Vintage forever!
Go Rays!
troll out.

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