Friday, September 6, 2013

Quickly, Quickly...

Greetings Trollites!!!! 

I must be brief, but I wanted to take a moment to give a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who read my last post and a HUGE, WHOLE-HEARTED THANK YOU to all who commented and messaged me. I was honestly shocked that people remembered me, but the warm response seriously brought tears to my eyes. Thanks sooo much for that!!!

I also owe a big ole, Florida-sized thanks to everyone who has beat up my Ginter needs list. When I made this post over the weekend I needed over 130 cards and I was out of money after buying far too many blasters. I was ready to give up hope, but the Blog-O-sphere came to the rescue!

As I type this I need just 10 more base cards to finish the set!!! WOOT!!!

Anyway... I have updated ALL of my Ginter lists including the trades lists - I added up a bunch of minis, plus more SPs. I have dupes of 25 different SPs - half the set! All are there for the taking, just waiting to be claimed...

More to come, I promise...

Till then - THANKS AGAIN!!!!

Go Rays (it is okay to win on the West Coast guys)
troll out.


  1. Hey Troll !

    I missed your last post, but went back and got caught up. I've been kind of busy myself lately and haven't stayed on top of things too well. Now I know what to do my Tampa Bay cards again ! Don't have much Ginter though.

    Welcome home !

  2. Oh hello thar... It looks like I've stumbled in late so I'll let the initial wave of packages hit before I start tackling yo wantlists. Welcome back, see ya in the World Series!