Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rays Win - I'm a Zombie!

Goodness! What a long, exhausting, emotionally draining game to go to BEFORE work!!! Had an AMAZING time with my co-workers and the other fans. Watched what was at times horrible baseball from both sides, neither team really played well. They def did not look like teams battling for the postseason, but a win is a win and my Rays finally pulled it out and didn't lose...
I was responsible and avoided the ball park beers that were calling my name, and I did stay till the end. I screamed and clapped and had lots of fun as fan, but by 5 AM I was a total zombie...
Even though it wasn't pretty, I am hoping that was one of those momentum changing, difference making, rally starting type of wins... Matt Moore vs. Yu Darvish tonight. I will be watching on TV...
Go Rays!
troll out

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  1. Well...a split. At least if we play each other, it has to be in Texas.