Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Magnificent Seven

Yes, the Clash reference is intentional as they are my favorite band of all time… I am referring to my 7 favorite Rays – the 7 players who dominate my Rays binder. I have decided to collect JUST current Rays. I haven’t ditched my collections of Carl Crawford, Jonny Gomes, James Shields, Wade Davis or Carlos Pena. Still have em, still enjoy them, just not pursuing any more cards of them really.

The players I do pursue, in order I guess, are the Magnificent Seven, they are:
1.       Ben Zobrist
2.       Desmond Jennings
3.       Evan Longoria
4.       Alex Cobb
5.       David Price
6.       Matt Moore
7.       Joe Maddon

Not really in order. I have the fewest cards of Moore and Maddon and probably have the most of Longoria and Price. I seem to hunt for Zobrist and Jennings more than anyone and I have a knack for getting really cool Alex Cobb cards in trades. There are other guys I keep in the Rays binder. I don’t dislike Jeremy Hellickson or Matt Joyce. I am a big fan of Sean Rodriguez, Jake McGee, Jose Lobaton and Alex Torres – I just don’t have many cards of any of them.

I don’t really care for cards of Jose Molina or Luke Scott. I am still indifferent about cards of Fernando Rodney, James Loney or Yunel Escobar. I guess the Magnificent Seven are my favorites. I love the variety of cards of Longo and Price and I love tracking down every variation of Zobrist, Jennings and Cobb and I get psyched any time I can add any card of Moore or Maddon to the binder.

I illustrated this post with a few cards that I got in my first trade package received in a long, long time. It came from Nick W. who still doesn’t have a blog yet. Turns out I did a trade with Nick nearly two years ago – actually he sent me cards, I forgot to return the favor… Fortunately he didn’t hold a grudge and he hooked me up with a variety of cards from my 2013 Ginter needs list, PLUS a bonus pile of awesome Rays cards. Inserts, parallels, base cards, oh my! Including these 3 archives cards of players on my Magnificent Seven list.

Thanks for the hook up Nick! I look forward to many, many more trades in the near, near future. Cheers!
Go Rays!

Troll out. 

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