Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Alone, part 1

Okay, hope everyone is ready for a very unfocused, completely random and all over the place post…
My wife, the lovely Esther Gin (‘n Juice) is away. Her and her mother left on a jet plane this morning. They are heading to Biloxi for 2 fun and gambling filled days. I don’t know how full of gambling it will be, she left with less than $100, but you can kill a lot of time with nickel slots and I think the drinks are still free!
So, my last post left with me leaving for Gainesville for an exciting night of Bradentucky Bombers roller derby… The trip was a success. I documented it fully, but it lives in a notebook (an actual spiral bound notebook, not a computer) and I don’t know how soon I will get it typed up and posted. The van ride took about 3 hours and it didn’t start raining till we got there. The game was at the Alachua Convention center, which was pretty awesome. It was a big open building with concrete floors and no air conditioning. When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was a big sign that said “Welcome To Rebel Hell”. I was a little scared, but there were no incidents of confederacy…
I announced with Glyph, who is one of the coolest people in the world. We had a blast and I was in rare form. It may have been my best performance to date and I did it sober, wow! We lost the bout, by 20 points, which is comparable to 2 runs in baseball. It was close all game long and we won the second half. They were bigger, very tough and had a big home court advantage. We had 4 girls skating in their first bouts ever and they all did well. Professor X made the trip with me, sans wheel chair, and he sat on my microphone rig the whole bout. I saw a couple of kids eying him, but he was still there when the bout ended. Esther Gin was one of Bradentucky’s high scorers; she had her best game to date. The Gainesville tough girls saw a target in her and went after her pretty bad and they hit her hard, but she kept getting up and getting past them, great game Esther!!!
The Bombers have a home bout tomorrow (Saturday) night, right here in Bradentucky. We are entertaining the Rogue Roller Girls of Charlotte, North Carolina. I get really excited anytime a team from out of state comes down. It will be a packed house, no doubt. I don’t know anything about the NC team; we have no advance scouting on them. Our game plan will be our standard and we will adapt after the first period if need be. They are not bringing an announcer with them, so I will be solo on the microphone…
Interested parties can check out My derby name is Side of Bacon. I don’t know if any of my derby family knows of my secret life as the Collective Troll. This is all for now, I will be up all night getting ready for the bout, so there will be probably be another, or 5 or 6 more blogs tonight. For now, I gotta get back to the TV. The Rays are crushing the Marlins 13 to zip in the third inning and Andy Sonnanstine has got a shutout going. Troll out!

End Notes:
1.Thanks to everyone who continues to write with trade offers and Rays cards for me!
2.I have a huge box of White Sox cards and Sox related goodies that will bring a smile to the White Sox cards blogger guy, plus I found over 50 cards from the Easy Life's want list!
3.All of my e-bay auctions are over and I am not planning on listing again anytime soon. This means all of my cards are free for trading. I have an abundance of 2007 and 2008 Topps Heritage. 2007 and 2008 Topps Opening Day. 2007 and 2008 Topps. Small amounts of '07 and '08 Goudey. Lots of 2007 Bowman and Bowman Chrome. Plus some random '07 cards.
4.I worked a Friday for the first time in a month and a half. Hopefully my 32 hour paychecks are behind me. They say the unemployment rate is 10%, but at least 50% of the people I know are out of work or barely working.
5.Hanley Ramirez has killed the shut out in the 4th inning, I don't think the Fish are gonna make a comeback, though...


  1. We attend roller derbys in Santa Fe and it's strangely civilized while at the same time completely unhinged. Here's a link from our other blog about one of the events we attended.

    Almost as fun as a baseball game.

  2. You wouldn't have:
    07 Heritage #312
    08 Heritage #s 409, 474, 477, 486, 498, 562
    08 Topps 174, 232, 295, 379