Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas in November from Mission Mary Position!!!

I think it was last Thursday morning; actually I am sure it was. I was up later than the rest of the house, I have a good excuse-I work much later than everyone and since we have 1 computer for the 3 adults living here, when they go to sleep, I stay up and use it. Anyway, Thursday morning… I woke up to an empty house, as I almost always do. My order of things is as follows. Wake up, turn on ESPN, crawl out of bed to get coffee, return to bed to drink half cup of coffee while watching Sportscenter, get up and get dressed and walk the puppy dog (Miss Emma). I did all of these things, but as I walked out of the room and towards the door to get downstairs I noticed something. Since I live with two sloppy ladies (please don’t make today the one day you read my blog!) I notice everything that is out of place and normally put it back in place. Anyway, something new was sitting on top of the living room entertainment center, something cool. I didn’t look at it too much, I left it where I found and took the mutt outside and kinda forgot about it as I rushed to get ready for class. Class was mundane. It always is on Thursdays… Anyway, I get home from class at about the same time that the wife takes her lunch break, so just as I was climbing up the stairs and noticing the suspicious oblong disturbance on the entertainment center again, she called. I had investigated it a little bit. It was a see through-net-Christmas stocking that was filled with an odd assortment of cards. My grandmother used to get these things for me when I was a kid. I was a brat then and I didn’t appreciate them. I wanted current wax and I was a snob with my brands, now I am much more interested in interesting cards… Anyway, I suspected that the stocking might be for me, but my wife said nothing about it. Right before we said our goodbyes and she returned to work and sat down for a hard afternoon of blogging, I innocently brought it up. “Oh yeah”, she said, “Mission Mary brought those over for you last night while you were at work.”
Well, I had thought they might be mine, but now it was confirmed and I became filled with joy pretty quick. I wanted to call Mary, but I couldn't find her number. Most of you fine readers know her as an original Bradentucky Bomber, a triple threat skater, sometimes zombie, an occasional derby announcer, a beauty, a very tall girl and a friend-Mission Mary Position. Yeah, MMP is a good friend, always has been, but she earned herself some major friend points with this sock. I wondered where it came from, how old it was and all that.
So I used every ounce of will-power I had and moved the sock over to the bistro table for a few picks. The “bistro” table is a little marble table that the mail is put on when one spouse isn’t home, it also has a cool marble top on it and I take my card photos on it cuz I like the shiny marble background… Anyway, I snapped a few pics of the sock and then tore into it. It was chock full of random weirdness and awesomeness! A sealed, factory 1988 Fleer Update set, a hobby pack of basketball cards, wrestling cards, baseball coins, button, some hockey cards that were just floating around in there, including a guy who I had actually heard of, there was a Tigers team set from 1991 Fleer and an Indians team set from 199o Donruss. Oh the randomness, oh the awesomeness! There were soccer cards and racing cards that I probably will not rip, but I can share them with the blog-o-sphere, perhaps for someone who writes for Pack a Day or a Pack to Be Named later. Some of my favorites in the sock were the 2002 Donruss Super Estrellas and the can of 1997 Pinnacle Inside. Hell, there is even a card for Alfredo's pile-the Rock delivering the smackdown! Oh, on a different topic-congrats to Evan Longoria on winning his first (of many) Gold Glove Award! Full post on this soon! I will also post some of my stocking treasures soon. For now, a HUGE thank you to the always awesome Mission Mary Position! Oh, and a question for my readers... Would it be a good idea to skip posting cards all together and just show pics of the lovely ladies of the Bradentucky Bombers? Oh, I wanted to give the prettiest Bomber equal billing-shown here with the uggliest announcer-you know I kid about the sloppy housemates... Once more, THANKS MARY!!!!!!!! You rock!!!!! You made my week! Go Rays! Go Bombers! Troll out.


  1. That is one wayyy cool stocking, Troll. Look forward to seeing your favorites up close.

  2. Finally, The Don has come back to the Troll's blog...... lol Anyways the stocking looks like allot of fun.... Can't wait to see what else comes out of there!

  3. I've never seen one of those. They sure put a variety of stuff in there.