Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Troll Lives!!!!

Greetings blog-o-sphere!!! Oh how I have missed this! Thanks to all of you who were concerned about little old me in my absence that really does mean a lot that folks noticed… I can’t say that I am back, because I am not. Right now I am at work and my shift is over, but I bribed a co-worker to wait fifteen minutes for me to type this. Several kind local people (who knew that folks in my town read this damn thing) have offered their homes and computers up to me so I can continue posting and I really appreciate that. Until I get a computer at home again I won’t be able to bore you all with my trademark uber lengthy posts and I probably won’t be able to write many long trade posts or anything that requires a lot of scanning. I have 3 people who have offered to let me use their computers so I can stay in the “game” but I don’t want to wear out my welcome too quickly. I can type trade posts at school, but will have to keep the scanning to a minimum. The posts that I plan on doing “on location” will be short “card of the day” type posts. Most of my collection is Rays cards, but I will try and mix things up with random and oddball type stuff. I will also try and update my other blog, too. This blog and my identity as the “Troll” has become a pretty big part of my life and I have to say that I feel pretty empty without it. I value the friendships and camaraderie that I have gained being a blogger. On a collecting note-I am broke, will probably continue to be broke and I don’t plan on ripping any wax anytime soon. I’d love to, but I have to prioritize and be realistic and I can’t afford to take 3 dollar gambles on packs right now, so I am going to say that I don’t plan on tearing up any 2010 product. I still have some cards left over for trading-as a matter of fact I have quite a few from 1971-1984 Topps, so bring on the want lists! I don’t think that I will be able to trade like I had been doing, but I enjoy it too much to place a moratorium on it either. There are some of you that I am pretty deeply indebted to-Joe, Wicked, Brian, Mike and Bud and I will even up with you guys as soon as I can. I am really going to make an effort to get my want lists in order and together one of these days so I can be a little more focused. I updated my 2008 Topps Heritage list earlier today and I am only 6 cards away from total completion-1-720. I would love to finish that one off! I was planning on chasing ’09 Updates, but I am only 60% of the way there and I won’t be ripping any more, so those are up for trade if you need any. My priorities will be finishing off my Topps (Devil) Rays team sets, 2007-2009 Heritage, 1979 Topps, 2008 Allen and Ginter, 2007 Topps and 1965 Topps as well as my Rays autograph quest. I had a bunch of other sets in progress that I am going to have to bail on which means I have some trade bait… I still do want to push to hit 200 in my Carl Crawford collection, I am up to 194 different cards and I am pretty proud of that collection. Anyway, I hope that I can post a card a day and an occasional trade post without a computer, we will see what happens. Any card that I post is available for trade and one-card trades are definitely cheaper on postage, so lets see how that works. In an effort to expedite getting a new scanner and computer I am considering placing ads on here, I am thinking about Google Adsense. Any suggestions or objections? Anyway, I am thrilled to be back, even on a limited basis, I have missed the blog-o-sphere so much! I am doing a lot better. I look forward to writing about baseball cards again soon. If I don’t post in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Oh, I had planned on doing a contest to celebrate 50,000 hits. I am getting close. It will be a simpler contest than normal, but will involve a vote. It will be open to current followers only and should have some pretty awesome prize options. Fingers crossed. Thanks for reading. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Alright...I got my Troll fix for the day. Best of luck getting your computer issues fixed up.

  2. Happy to hear from you. Truly. As soon as I can get something together, you'll be getting some cards from me.

  3. Glad to see you are staying upbeat about it all.

    I am working on keeping the same passion you have for your blogging and plan on getting some blogs up over the holiday weekend (plus trying to get on a semiregular schedule).

    Good luck bro, be on the look out for something headed yoru way again soon :D

  4. If you're 60% of the way home on U&H I've got a stack that might put you close to 80% if you are interested and have a list somewhere.

  5. Nice to read from you again. I hope you got my package recently - it had a little thank you in it for you!

    About ads: I too am considering ads out of broke-ness, but I only have one type ad (similar to what you have about sports betting). It's a tough decision - you don't want to be a corporate whore, but you want to be able to trade and rip and all that stuff.

    I say text based stuff is always fine, especially if you can bury it low on your side bar (that's what I did with my one ad). And I could probably email your site to that guy if you'd be interested in his ad. It's for party poker, but I think it's a pretty non intrusive ad.