Thursday, November 12, 2009

More First Time Traders...

I’m on a roll with these first time traders… I have a few more to post, but its Omega’s turn now. Yep, these goodies came from Austin from Palo Alto, California, the writer of the Omega Wax blog. Austin is a Giants and Angels fan and I just so happened to have a few cards tucked away from both teams. It all started when he posted a “trade bait” blog and I realized that he had something I wanted, that I NEEDED. Well, we worked out a deal and he sent me that card, plus a few bonuses. Here are some of the highlights… First off an Ex-Ray. Quite possibly the fastest Ray ever, this dude can burn. He never figured out how to hit too well so his speed never really became the asset it could have been, but he saw some action as a pinch runner for the Red Sox in the postseason this year. The card is a 2004 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion, card #374 of Joey Gathright. There’s no telling where Joey G will start next season, but chances are a contender will pick him up down the stretch and he will probably score some more runs in the postseason. Next is another speedster in Carl Crawford. CC might not be as fast as Gathright, but CC can get on base a hell of a lot better and he is under contract for the 2010 season with the Rays, so that is good news. This card is from the 2006 Fleer Traditions set, card #60, it’s a really nice shot of CC getting ready to lay down a bunt. Next up is another CC card, this one from the 2009 Goudey set. These cards look ridiculous to me; everyone has a cartoony, ghost look to them. CC looks like Mickey Mouse to me in this shot, its gotta be the white gloves. Either way, I needed it. This one was number 188 for me; feel free to check out my CC list here. Another one from the ’09 Goudey is this 4 in 1. I actually like these cards, the smaller pic looks less foolish and this one has Gold Glover Evan Longoria on it along with a few other prospects. Next up was the keystone of the trade and you can see this card shining from miles away! It is from the 2007 Bowman’s Best set, card #72 with a certified autograph of Delmon Young on the front. Delmon, like BJ Upton, was a guy that I had never really intended to collect, but I just got so many cards of the guy I gave in, plus at their young ages, with their unlimited skills-they have a shot to be superstars... Once I started filling binder sleeves of Delmon Young, I really wanted to get my hands on some of his “premium” stuff and when I saw this card as trade bait, I had to get my hands on it! Thanks so much for the trade Omega!!! If anyone out there has any Rays autos of any kind, I will most certainly give them a good home. If you have any super nice Ryan Garko cards-send them on over to Omega Wax… Oh and to answer your questions Austin-yes, this gets me closer to my goal of getting an autograph of every Rays player and NO these weren't all dupes, thanks again! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Good trading with you, too and looking forward to swapping again in the future...

  2. Omega sent me a play at the plate auto from 2008 Stadium Club. I'm getting him a package together. He's a good trader!