Friday, November 6, 2009

Shiny Penas in the Mailbox

I have so many, many posts in the works, but it has been a really long night and I am exhausted… Here is a quick 3 card post of the Tampa Bay Rays’ first baseman Carlos Pena. 2009 was a HUGE year for Pena, he was named to the All Star team for the first time in his career, he belted his 150th double and his 200th home run AND despite missing nearly the entire month of September, he still managed to LEAD (tie) the American League in homeruns. Let’s start with 2008 Topps Finest card #26 of Pena. I haven’t ripped a pack of Finest since 1995, but I love getting these in the mail! Next up is another Finest card from 2008, this one is a Finest Moments insert, card #FM-CP. The moment celebrated on the front is 09-16-07 when Pena hit his 40th homerun to become the first Tampa Bay Rays player to amass 40 homers in a single season. Of course Pena went on to hit 46 homers and finish second in the AL to A-Roid. The final card in this package is a 2008 Bowman Chrome REFRACTOR card #171. I do love refractors-these never get old for me… Time for Troll to get some sleep… Thanks to Frank for the cards! I always know its something good when I get mail from you…Oh, I did get the Crawfords, too, but they will get a seperate post, stay tuned! Oh, I think I will end this post with a question... After six months of gathering Rays cards, I am finally starting to organize them. I had all of my Carl Crawford cards in top loaders, except for relics and autos which I keep in screw downs. I am taking the base cards out of the top loaders and putting them into a binder because they are easier to view and keep track of. My question is, what do you do with your relics, refractors and autographs? Do they go in the binder with the rest of the PC? Or do they stay seperate, in a screw down or top loader? Thanks! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. For me relics and autos go in top loaders placed inside of team bags (so the cases don't get scratched, I hate that). (Works with the smaller screw downs also) This works for me because I have thousands of Red Sox cards, way to many to have them all in pages. So I have 7 binders and a shoebox. Once a Team set gets complete I put it in a binder. Untill then they live in a shoebox (not a real one a ballcard one) with my relics, autos, and old stuff that deserves cases.

  2. Relics and autos go in top loaders or screw-downs. Refractors just go in binders with the rest of my Dodgers.

  3. I put relics and autos and serial numbered cards in top loaders. The one thing about top loaders that I don't like is that they inevitably fill up with dust, even when sitting in a box. I've thought about placing a piece of scotch tape along the top in order to keep the inside clean but have refrained from doing so (not sure why). What does everyone think about this idea? screw-downs would be the best solution to my problem but they are expensive and bulky.

    Refractors, nice inserts and player collections go in the semi-rigid holders, because they are cheaper than top loaders, take up way less space, and have a tab that sticks up for labeling. I like to look through my cards a lot so these holders work nicely: I can sift through a decent sized stack in my hand at one time, can quickly identify the different sections because of the labeling, and care less about scratching them because they are cheaper.