Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinged Corners Autograph Assignment-Not Quite Following the Guidelines...

I was in the midst of writing a post (what would have been a brilliant post) but I took a time out to surf around and clear my head, and I came across a post by the fine ladies of the Dinged Corners blog. They called to the Blog-O-Sphere with an urgent plea, a plea to take action and rush to your scanners, a plea to post your favorite 3 (three) autographed cards. I didn’t want to disappoint or be left out of the fun, so I immediately abandoned my epic post and starting searching for my 3 favorite autographs of all time. As I scanned the 3rd card I decided that 3 is far too few of cards for a Troll to narrow it down to, so I went a little beyond the assignment and will go with 7 different autographs. I realize that I will run the risk of getting an F, but I think it is better to fail while going above and beyond rather than get an A without considering all options. Here we go:
1. 1963 Topps Jose Tartabull. I got this one in person at some point during the decade of the 80’s. I believe I said something like “Your son is my favorite player, would you sign this card?” He did.
1. 1986 Fleer Danny Tartabull. This one came right around the same time and I said about the same thing, just replace “you are” over “your son is”.
1. 2000 Royal Rookies Edward Rogers Signature Series #ed 666 of 4,950. There is a bunch of reasons why this is tied for my favorite. I took the picture. Eddie was a really good friend. The fact that it is the ever taboo number 666 makes me giggle. The Wife got this for me as a surprise present. I was with Edward when he signed these; it took a really long time.
2. 1999 Team Best Carlos Pena. I think this may be the first time I have posted this card. It came from Joe from New York, Joe from the Cobb and Halladay blog. It gets in here for a lot of reasons, too. One, Pena is one of the best sluggers in baseball and he plays for my favorite team. He has a really nice signature. He is a tough signature to get. This was the first (of many) trades that Joe and I did. Pena is shown playing for the nearby Port Charlotte Rangers and I love cards from the Florida State League. AND like the other 3 cards ahead of it, it is an on-card auto.
3. 2009 Allen and Ginter Cat Osterman. I just posted this card, it is from a set that I am trying to collect as an autographed set, and it depicts my cousin (by marriage) and was another gift from the Wifey. Herb Simpson, Frank Evans or Willie Williams could just as easily fit here in the #3 slot.
4. 1983 Topps Bert Blyleven. He loses points for spelling my name wrong, but he is cool enough that he can get away with it. The best issue of the 80’s AND of a player that belongs in the Hall of Fame.
5. 2006 UD Sweet Spot Signatures Jonny Gomes. It’s Gomes, its thick as hell and it looks and feels like it is signed on a baseball. I had a Gomes signed baseball, but the puppy destroyed it during her first week with us.
6. 2007 UD Exquisite Carl Crawford. Yep, it’s a sticker, but it still rocks. I got this in a trade from the Night Owl. He had it, I wanted it and all he asked for in return was a Clayton Kershaw auto. I travelled to damn near every card shop within 500 miles and finally found one to send him. By this time I think he had about 30 Kershaw autos, but he still completed the trade and it was worth it. I really like this card, sticker or no sticker.
Okay, I ended up listing 8 autos (actually 10) here; I probably could have shown more. I am just getting back into autograph collecting and rebuilding the collection. I have pulled 2 autos from packs and both were promptly traded away. Two of these cards here came from trades-trading rocks! Great assignment; sorry I couldn’t stick to the guidelines… For the record-if I had a Buck O’Neill autographed card, it would have been number 1, gonna show a signed baseball anyway. Once again, he spelled my name wrong, but he is Buck FREAKING O’Neill, so all is forgiven. Buck served the United States during World War 2; I wish I had a pic of him in uniform for a proper Veterans Day tribute. I don’t, but here is a picture of my grandfather, Colonel Harry W. Generous and his family (my Dad is the boy with no shirt on) circa WWII. Happy Veteran’s Day and THANK YOU!!! It isn't so much baseball related, but I can't resist adding this one to my list of favorite autographs... You would have to go way back to this post from May to understand it... troll out.


  1. Troll, not to gross you out, but your cousin Cat is hot! Although, Jenny Finch is still my favorite softball player.

  2. Nice autographs. Danny Tartabull is the first autograph that I ever got and is obviously in my top three. I guess you could say that it all started with him (for me at least).

    I, too, have a ball signed by Buck O'Neil. It is an awesome piece of memorabilia to have. I just wish that I would have been into getting cards singed at that point in my life. Oh well; at least I have something.

    Buck is great and I'm glad that the Royals honor him every game.

  3. They didn't spell your name wrong, they spelled mine right!

  4. Yes they did... I don't think I will be sending you the Buck ball however... I do have a few that might end up in your hands... Shoot me your mailing addy again.

  5. Asked before, who is your wife? I am not aware of any cousin we have in Florida that is married.