Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1987 Donruss Opening Day Team Set Give Away

Thanks to dayf at Cardboard Junkie (for mentioning them on his blog) a bunch of team sets have been claimed tonight. There are only 9 team sets left. Here is what I still have. The Royals, A's, Mariners, Reds, Astros, Rangers, Mets (no team logo card), Cubs and The Expos. Don't forget that you need to e-mail me your mailing address and it's nice if you follow the blog, too.
In less good news, the Rays couldn't pull off the sweep in Toronto, they lose 5-0. Romero was absolutely stellar and he shut the Rays down. Shields looked good, he struck out 8, but also gave up 3 home runs. Off to Texas we go. Go Rays!Troll out.


  1. Troll! I just sent you an email. I'll take the Mets but only if no one else wants them.

  2. I thought someone had claimed the Mets on the other post. Unless they never sent an e-mail. Or I misread... as I tend to do.

  3. All teams have been claimed now except the Mariners, Reds, Astros and Rangers. If you have not sent me an e-mail with your address, please do. I am shipping today! Thanks everyone for their responses. This is the most comments I have ever got, 17 total between the two posts, thanks and thanks again dayf!