Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FREE STUFF!!! The First Ever Collective Troll Contest!

A contest, a contest, a contest!!! Free stuff, free stuff, and free stuff!!! Today is one of the two days of the year during baseball season that there are no Major League games on and I am a bit bored, I am home from work early and there is another half an hour before ESPN 2 starts showing the AAA All Star Game (Reid Brignac starting at shortstop!) so I am going to give some stuff away. This is an All Star themed post. There are 12 different cards (the absolute best of my small collection) to choose from, each representing an All Star player. First, we have a 2007 Upper Deck Legendary Materials Cuts card (19/99) of 6 time All Star Harold Baines. Next is a 2009 Upper Deck Dual Swatch (60/75) of 2008 All Star Joakim "The Mexicutioner" Soria. A 2006 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness (uncorrected error) Card of 8-time All Star Vladimir Guerrero. A 1999 Topps Chrome Traded (PSA 9 MINT) card (#T46) of 2009 All Star Carlos Pena.
A 2008 Allen & Ginter Jersey Card of 3 time All Star Carl Crawford.
A 2009 Upper Deck Game Used Patch (12/25) of 6-time All Star Roy Halladay.
A 2009 Topps Patch Card of 14-time All Star Reggie Jackson.
A 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials (101/155) of 3-time All Star Robin Yount.
A 2008 Upper Deck Timeless Moments card of 2-time All Star Prince Fielder.
A 2009 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Card of 2-time All Star Kevin Youkilis.
A 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts (94/99) Je rsey Card of 15-time All Star Tony Gwynn.
And last, but not really least, a two for one deal...
A 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Dual Swatch (21/99) card featuring both 2-time All Star Prince Fielder and 2-time All Star Ryan Braun.
Now, I realize that I didn’t cover every team here, but I think that I threw in enough Hall of Famers to make everyone happy. If you insist, when you select, write in Pujols, A-Rod, Chipper or David Ortiz and you will receive a random memorabilia card of my choice featuring that player.
Okay, the rules. First, you must follow this blog to play. Second, you can only enter via the comments on this thread of this blog. Any entry received after midnight on Sunday July 19, 2009 (the date of the next Bradentucky Bombers bout) will be voided. You can win one or two of the cards listed above. To win one, simply comment with your name, your favorite team or player, the state or country that you live in and which one card you would like. To win two cards, do everything listed above, plus select a second card, plus vote for your choice for MVP and Cy Young for this year (thus far) in both the American and National Leagues. That easy. I will post the first comment with a sample of how to do this. My entry will be voided because I am not a follower of this blog. I, along with witnesses and a camera, will pull the winner’s name from a hat (containing all the entries) early next week. I will then post the winners first name and the card they picked and contact them for their address to send them their card. Sorry there are few options for West Coast fans, I have zero luck in pulling Dodgers or Giants cards ever. I checked at my local card shop today and no dice. Sorry. Okay, good luck!
Four quick end notes...First, every card here (other than the PSA) is pack fresh and stored in a one-screw down Ultra Pro holder and covered in a team set bag. Second, was Robin Yount only an All Star three times? I might be misreading my encyclopedia because that just doesn't sound correct. Third, the remaining cards not won will be added to a few others for another contest in August, unless an interested party wants to trade me for Rays memorabila cards. Fourth, uh...can't remember what I was going to say, umm...thanks for reading? Oh wait, the cards available are the actual ones pictured and when available, the serial numbers are listed. Okay, going to watch the AAA All Star game. Go Rays! Troll out. Oh, as an added bonus...The first person who points out the uncorrected error on the Vlad card can pick THREE cards! Oh, and the same cards can be picked by multiple people since this contest only has one winner... Remember that if you choose Cy Young and MVP, you can pick 2 cards, if not, you only pick one card. Thanks for reading!


  1. Troll-Floriduh
    Favorite Team: Tampa Bay Rays
    Cy Young, AL Justin Verlander, NL Dan Haren
    MVP, AL Carl Crawford, NL Albert Pujols (duh)
    I would like the Pena and Crawford cards. Thanks, this is a great contest!

  2. Rod, The Padres are my favorite team, I live in Oregon and I would like the Tony Gwynn card.

  3. Justin G.
    O's Fan

    Card: Crawford

  4. Canuck, third igloo on the left, Canada
    Chipper Jones, and Da Braves!
    Cy: Halladay / Lincecum
    MVP: Crawford / Pujols

    thanks bud!!!
    oh crap, the cards... my memory is fading...

    Halladay "patch"
    Braun/Fielder dual somethingorother....

  5. Ryan
    Angels are my favorite team.
    Live in California.
    I'd be interested in the Vlad Guerrero 2006 Bowman Heritage card.
    Thanks for the contest.

  6. Stephen - Binghamton NY!

    CY - Chad Billingsly w/ a monster 2nd half
    MVP - C'mon - Poo-Holes

    CY - Halladay if he doesnt get traded to NL
    MVP - Joe Mauer

    Cards - Gwynn, Fielder/Braun

  7. and btw - I am a Mets man as you know

  8. final comment - that vlad looks like a bat card but it says Jersey - third card can be of your choosing - whatever breaks your heart the least - because I love you

  9. Dave - Gawjuh
    Favorite Team: Atlanta Braves
    Cy Young: AL Zach Greinke, NL Tim Lincecum
    MVP: AL Curtis Granderson, NL Albert Pujols
    I would like the Baines and Gwynn cards.
    Thanks, this is a great contest! (I copied that last part)

  10. Steve, you are correct! It is a bat card and says jersey...the love is mutual...

  11. Zach, from Kansas, and I like the Royals.

    AL Cy Young- Grienke, NL- Lincecum
    AL MVP- Mauer, NL- Pujols

    I would like the Soria and Jackson cards.

    Sweet contest!

  12. Name: Esther Gin n' Juice
    Favorite Team: Bradentucky Bombers, and the Rays coming in at a close second
    Cy Young: (NL) Zack Duke, (AL) Scott Kaazzzmmiiirrr(2nd half comeback, baby!!)
    NL: Hanley Ramirez (I'm not jumping off the bridge with Pujols,it's a fallacy-thanks alot Miss Cowsert, now I will never be normal because of you!)
    AL: Torii (with two i's) Hunter
    As for the prize: All I want is a courtesy reach-a-round, with Disfear playing in the background. Eh? Eehhh???

  13. Steve, from Illi-noise.

    My favorite team is the White Sox.

    Cy Young, AL Roy Halladay, NL Tim Lincecum

    MVP, AL Joe Mauer, NL Albert Pujols

    I would love the Baines card. A second card. Hmmm.... how about the Halladay.

  14. Fuji-California
    Favorite Team: Oakland A's, but I love the San Diego Padres too
    Cy Young, AL Zack Greinke, NL Tim Lincecum
    MVP, AL Justin Morneau, NL Albert Pujols (no doy)
    I would like the Tony Gwynn and Reggie Jackson cards. Thanks, this is a great contest!

  15. From Wisconsin, Brewers fan since age 5, and Yes, Robin was only an All Star 3 times. One less than Ben Sheets. Wow.
    Cy Youngs- Lincecum and Verlander
    MVPs- Prince (just to change it up) and Joe "Power" Mauer.

    And I will take the Yount and the Braun/Prince.


  16. Matt from Arizona

    Favorite team: SF Giants
    Favorite player: Randy Johnson

    Cy Young: Lincecum (NL), Grinke (AL)
    MVP: Pujols (NL), Mauer (AL)

    Cards I'd like: Gwynn, Reggie

    Thanks--nice contest :)

  17. I'm from the great state of Taxachusetts

    Favorite Team: New York Yankees I guess, although over the last few years I have become more of a general baseball fan. I think writing the B-R blog has done that to me--because I need to try to be impartial to some extent. I also like the Phillies and am still pretty pissed that I was out of town doing a massive project for work during the World Series and missed all the games.

    Cy Young, AL Zack Greinke, NL Tim Lincecum
    MVP, AL Joe Mauer, NL Albert Pujols (duh)

    I would like the Yount and Gwynn cards.

    Thanks, this is a great contest!

  18. My name is Drew, and I'm from NY, and my favorite team is the Yankees. My favorite player is Derek Jeter, and although there are no available Yankees cards, I would like the Reggie Jackson commerative patch card.

  19. My name is Don and I am from Arkansas. My favorite team is the Tigers and player is Justin Verlander.

    CY Young: AL: Verlander, NL: Tim Lincecum
    MVP: AL: Joe Mauer, NL: Albert Pujols

    I would like the Reggie card.

    Thanks for the great contest.

  20. Paul, ND.

    Team: Rays
    Player: Carl Crawford

    Cy AL: Greinke
    Cy NL: Lincecum

    MVP AL: Mauer
    MVP NL: Pujols

    Gwynn and Yount.

    Great contest!

  21. Mark Mosley
    North Carolina
    NY Mets
    CY: Lincecum & Halladay
    MVP: Pujols & Mauer
    Yount & Gwynn

    surprised by the Yount factoid! who knew?

  22. jim hall
    la dodgers
    cy: halladay/lincecum
    mvp: torii hunter/pujols

    first card: vlad bat/jersey
    second card: yount

  23. Dan Krill
    New York
    Cleveland Indians
    Vladimir Guerrero & Tony Gwynn
    MVP: Morneau & Pujols
    Cy: Beckett & Lincecum

    security word: conmen

  24. Adam-Missouri
    Favorite Team: Red Sox
    CY Young: AL Halladay NL Lincecum
    MVP: AL Mauer NL Pujoles

    I want that awesome Youkilis card. and the Pena

  25. Jason-Illinois
    Favorite Team: Chicago Cubs
    Cy Young, AL Roy Halladay, NL Tim Lincecum
    MVP, AL Joe Mauer, NL Albert Pujols
    I would like the Baines and Gwynn cards.

    This years award races should be excellent, except for NL MVP. As a Cubs fan I hope Pujols misses some time, but he has it locked up so far. The rookie of the year race is great so far too.

  26. CC from the Ill.

    Team: Cubs
    Player: ... I guess Kosuke Fukudome, though it changes with the winds. Ask again in an hour, and I might say Ichiro or Aramis Ramirez or someone else entirely.

    AL MVP: Ichiro, though I'm half-tempted to take Russell Branyan for teh lulz.
    NL MVP: Pujols, though I'm half-tempted to go with Adam Dunn for teh lulz.
    AL CY Young: Edwin Jackson
    NL Cy Young: Dan Haren

    The cards I would like are the Harold Baines and hmm... the Tony Gwynn.

  27. Dan - Florida

    Fav. Team: You know its the Yankees... come on I'm from Jersey.

    Cy Young: AL: Holladay, NL: Lincecum
    MVP: AL: Mauer, NL: Pujols

    I like the Reggie and I guess I will be different and say something Arod, although that Tony Gwynn is sweet.

  28. Greg (beardy)
    Favorite Team: Baltimore Orioles
    Cy Young: Tim Wakefield-AL, Tim Lincecum-NL
    MVP: Carlos Pena- AL, Albert Pujols- NL

    I like the Yount and the Braun/Fielder

    Thanks for the contest!

  29. Favorite Team: Chicago Cubs (part-time Twins fan)
    Cy Young, AL Justin Verlander, NL Tim Lincecum
    MVP, AL Joe Mauer, NL Albert Pujols (duh)
    I would like the Harold Baines and Robin Yount cards. (Since there are no Dawson cards in the litter and these hit closest to home.)
    Robin Yount did only have 3 selections ('80, '82, and '83) Should have had more!!!!!
    Thanks, this is a very appealing contest!

  30. also...My home town is ILL-INI baby!

    Favorite current player (Big Z)
    Favorite past player (The Hawk!)

  31. 1. Alan Duda
    2. The New York Metropolitans, David Wright
    3. Connecticut
    4. The UD Spectrum Prince & Braun combo patch (my brother's a big BrewCrew fan)
    5. The UD Timeless Moments: The Prince
    6. AL - Cy Young: Halladay MVP: Youk
    7. NL - Cy Young: Johan MVP: Albert

  32. Geez, I thought I'd never get to the end of the comments ...

    Name's Greg, like the Dodgers (even though you don't have any), live in New Yawk.

    Would like the Halladay card and the Youkilis card.

    AL MVP, Cy: Mauer/Halladay
    NL MVP, Cy: Pujols/Lincecum


  33. Wow, I guess when you offer free stuff, people like to comment.

    I'm Ryan and I'm an Orioles fan and specifically Matt Wieters, currently living in MD.

    I would like the Soria & Pena cards.

    AL: Torii Hunter, Zach Greinke
    NL: Phat Albert, Tim Lincecum

  34. HI Im Ed from Wisconsin and I am a Brewers Fan.

    I really like the Robin Yount card and the Fielder / Braun card is not too shabby either.

    MVP: AL Joe Mauer NL Albert Pujols (Sorry Prince, but Albert is a stud)

    CY: AL Roy Halladay NL Tim Lincecum

  35. Daniel from Arizona and I'm a Diamondbacks fan.

    Cy Young: AL Roy Halladay
    NL Dan Haren

    MVP: AL Joe Mauer
    NL Albert Pujols

    First card: The 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Dual Swatch (21/99) card featuring both 2-time All Star Prince Fielder and 2-time All Star Ryan Braun (I love watching the Brewers during Spring Training)

    Second card: The 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials (101/155) of 3-time All Star Robin Yount

    Great contest! Thanks!

  36. I'm Mark from Tennessee.

    Favorite Team? I'll go with the Nationals (but I was secretly glad that the Cubbies swept them this weekend)

    Favorite Player? Orel Hershiser (but Night Owl keeps stealing his cards)

    Cy Young Award Winners?
    AL: Roy Halladay
    NL: Dan Haren

    League MVPs?
    AL: Carl Crawford
    NL: Albert Pujols

    And no, I didn't just copy dkwilson's answers, changing one to look like I came up with them on my own. I actually gave it some thought.

    Cards I'd like to win?
    Tony Gwynn and Robin Yount (goes well with my current collecting theme)

  37. Im Anthony from California

    Fav Team: The Padres are my team

    Fav player: Adrian Gonzalez

    Cy Young: AL Zach Grienke NL Tim Lincecum

    MVP: NL Albert Pujols AL Joe Mauer

    I would like the Gwynn because i love the Padres