Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coming and Going!

So, with my post office box back in bizness I feel MUCH more comfortable hanging out and spending money at the post office... I was finally able to ship out a few boxes that have long been waiting to travel to their new homes... If you reside at any of the following zip codes you MIGHT have a package on the way: 75201, 43028, 76063, 23666 and 23320... Although they didn't go out yesterday, there are hearty envelopes packed and ready to head off to Dime Boxes, Cards on Cards, Cardboard Junkie, Dawgbones, reader Tim, another one for My Cardboard Mistress and Thoughts and Sox...

I am also working on another trade with Hand Collated and I just got a message from Matt F. -the mastermind behind Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius and a Pack to be Named Later... He has the final 7 cards I needed to finish off my Allen and Ginter Frankenset!!!! Woo hoo!!! So, pending delivery I will have 18 FULL pages of Ginter minis which showcase cards numbered 1 - 350 including a variety of cards ranging from 2006 till 2011. Once I have them all in my hot little hands I will start posting them, put up a complete list of what I have AND start the process of upgrading to create the PERFECT set. Expect plenty of Ginter posting in the near, near future.

Before I get into that, tomorrow I plan to show off an amazing 1/1 card of the legendary Satchell Paige. It is AWESOME! Stay tuned to check it out manana! Okay, I need to be at work in about 2 hours so I should probably be thinking about getting some sleep... Oh, the Buck O'Neil auto technically doesn't coincide with this post, but you can never go wrong with Buck! Go Rays! troll out.

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  1. You can never get too many Bucks! Congrats on the Franken minis!