Thursday, March 22, 2012


I seriously need to show off what I found in my mailbox last Monday... After that I will share what was in it today... Both packages accounted for, I need just SEVEN more cards to fill out the 18 pages in my binder making up my 2006-2011 Allen a nd Ginter Mini Frankenset... That means many completed pages and lots of joy for me! My needs list is up to date and I will gladly accept ANY minis that ANYONE wants to send me! My Post Office Box is back in business and is listed in the sidebar... If you don't wanna click the link, I will make it even easier for ya... I need these 7 cards: 7, 16, 90, 164, 178, 233 and 328... More posts to come... Hitting up some spring training baseball AND meeting a fellow blogger in person this weekend... What are YOU doing??? I LOVE this hobby!!!! Go Rays! troll out.


  1. STOP THE PRESSES TROLL! I've got the 7 minis you need!!! So you don't have to troll [I couldn't help myself!] any longer... I'll get those sent to you shortly!


    Matt F.

  2. Matt,
    That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read earlier tonight that you were considering starting yer own Frankenset... Thanks for the linkage BTW... I can totally help ya out there...
    I really can't believe that after just a few months this thing is done already! WOWZA!!!