Friday, March 30, 2012


So, I have been working on a long post tonight, over 2000 words already. It won't be ready by the time the wife gets outta work though and I want to post NOW, so y'all get a quick one... Anyone know this dude? Well, according to his blog, he is trading again... I can vouch for this as an envelope from his nest was among four at my PO Box today! He beat up my wantlists, hit my PCs and sent along a sweet auto. Those will come in due time.

For now, enjoy MANNY! This started as a joke... A long post after a few too many beers, but now I really want to fill a 9-card page of Manny's... I am up to 3. Thanks Greg! This is a bad ass looking Manny card, I like it!!! I didn't buy a single pack of Gypsy Queen last year, but I wish I had - sweet looking cards! I have it covered for 2012 though...

My Gypsy Queen Rays are covered by Kyle from the JABO Blog who is hosting a group break (one of many over there) for 2012 Gypsy Queen. Its his #6 Group Break and happens in April, BUT you can reserve yer team now. The Rays are TAKEN. Want in? You should. If I am in ya know its a great deal! Go check that out too... Cheers! Go Rays! troll out.


  1. I have his regular bowman Rays issue if you need it.

  2. I'm honored to be mentioned in one of the shortest posts ever at Troll Might Rule.

  3. jacobmrley - great to hear from you again!
    I have a couple of rookie cup cards you need... yes, i would love the bowman manny! Thanks