Saturday, March 31, 2012

Filling the Binder With 2 x 3 Heroes!

Time passes so quickly in life and in collecting… That sounds cliché, but I have a point… As collectors we are always working on sets, but we are always waiting for the newest product to hit the shelves. When it does there is a month long period of feverishly buying, ripping and trading, and then when the dust settles, if you haven’t finished the set yet, it goes to the back burner. In life I guess you could equate that to that diet you go on, or the new workout regimine… You watch what you eat and exercise like its beast mode for a couple of weeks and then you start mixing in burgers and spending the afternoon on the couch – those two tie in, right?

Anyhoo, on the collecting tip - I am notorious for fudging up my want lists… I cross cards off before I get them. Worse, I get them, forget to put them in the binder and assume they are dupes and trade them away… I totally did that with
2010 Topps. I declared all 3 Series completed and then, about a year later I picked up the binder to thumb through and see which Rays were in the set that year and I realized that I was missing a total of FIFTY freaking cards!!!! Some of the cards I was missing I had even posted after I got them, then I guess I traded them away, probably put them in team stacks and shipped them off to folks who didn’t even need them, ha!

On the topic of 2010 Topps – I got some of them in the mail today – from 4 different people. How weird is that? I went months without trading, without getting a package from anyone. I also went months without adding a single card to the 2010 binder and then today, I got FOUR packages from FOUR different people! Three were complete surprises and the 4th was a planned surprise… Last weekend, while riding the high of seeing the Rays live in Port Charlotte and enjoying a cocktail or twelve (ha!) I got an email from a new blogger, a dude who was not yet on my radar who, it turns out, is VERY new at blogging, but off to a very good start… You can find his blog HERE. It is called Two By Three Heroes

Jeff, the author behind 2 X 3 Heroes is a White Sox fan, I think he lives in Chicago… This fascinated me because one of the very first three blogs that I started reading and got me hooked back into the hobby again after a long hiatus was also about the White Sox – of course I am referring this awesome blog.

Anyhow, out of nowhere, he wrote to me and offered to nearly complete my 2010 base set, plus send some Yo Mama cards and Vintage Legends. Nice!

I will show off the Vintage Legends cards in a different post a little later on… For now, I am glad to have this set so close, again. I am one card away from retiring this want list. Who has card #458? Send it to me please so I can put this set out of its misery…

Oh, speaking of misery. Ever get cards from your wantlist and think. Fudge. Man, I HAVE that card!
Well, turns out this sweet BJ Upton was one of the last cards on my want list. At least 10 copies of this card have passed through my collection. Dumbass Troll. The other cards, not so much. All Yankees, Phillies and crap… The retired Red Sox captain was the only card in the pile that I would consider putting on my page…

Oh, before I sign off and speaking of my stupidity… I was wondering why no one has sent me any 2007 or 2008 Topps cards and I noticed that I don’t have lists posted. What? I then grabbed the binder for 2007 and found that it ends halfway through Series 2. I just don’t know… I made a
list for cards 1 - 431... Yer Troll is a mess…

Thanks for trading Jeff! Please go
check out his page and support new bloggers!

Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. I still contend you were fluffing drunk when you filled that envelope. Thanks for the AWESOME trade!!

  2. I have a boatload of series 2 2007 Topps that I have recently unearthed. If there is a list for it, I am sure I can fill it...lemme know.

  3. I am SO happy other collectors are as hopeless as I when it comes to organization... I'm pretty sure I have about 10 completed sets in my house scattered throughout several dozen boxes. I just found a Vintage Braves card I didn't even know existed today at the card shop too.