Monday, March 26, 2012

If Ya Need Me, I Will Be at the Ball Park, AGAIN!

So, of course I had a great time checking out the Rays vs. Marlins with Scott from the Smed's Cards blog... My wife worked a split double while I was hanging out at the ballpark... It didn't seem fair that I was off having a good time while she was hard at work, but I don't think she was too upset because when she finally got home from her second shift (after midnight) she shared this surprise with me...

Two excellent tickets to tomorrow nights ball game, the Pirates hosting the Baltimore Orioles!

Since the Pirates added lights at McKechnie Field they have had ONE night spring training game each year. The Wifey and I have attended ALL of them. It gets better - after the lone night game of the spring there is a fireworks display, so its gonna be super special and romantic, ha!

Oh, for today's shipping update: Packages were sent to the following zip codes - 30101, 92234, 23666, 23320 and 60586. At the beginning of March I purchased 30 padded envelopes and silently set a goal for myself - to send out 30 trade packages within the month of March. 30 trades in 30 days you could call it. Well, I am officially out of bubble mailers and I have sent out several packages in Priority flat-rates mailers, so I have sent out AT LEAST 30 trades in 30 days! And hey, even better, I am going to my second baseball game in as many days...

Gosh, I love my Wifey! Thanks Darling! Go Rays! Stories to follow... troll out.


  1. Those look like some hot seats! You guys have fun!

  2. I attended the Pirates vs. Orioles night game last year at McKechnie. Small world. It's a shame my Bucs couldn't win tonight against the O's.

    On a completely different note, there's a package coming your way. Enjoy!