Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Want I Want I Want!

Aside from battling with my car (and losing) today was spent sorting cards from my team collection and making lists… The want list for Tampa Bay Rays cards has enlarged quite a bit… I have mentioned that I want to collect one of every base card ever made of every Rays player and that is still my goal. I am way too scatterbrained to keep track of what I have and don’t have. I know I have a lot because there are boxes all over the house that say Rays on them, unfortunately details beyond that were limited. I started by making lists of all of the Topps flagship releases and I have actually finished two years (2004 and 2009) so I thought I would expand it. I figured I would include my favorite brands (Topps, Allen and Ginter, Heritage, Fleer Tradition, Goudey) along with stuff that everybody rips like Upper Deck and Bowman. The list now covers my team needs for 44 different products and by next week I should have over 50. Until I get my car running again I can’t go to the card shop and get more sleeves, binders, etc, so I am at a standstill for now. Anyway… Check ‘em out and let me know if you can help a Troll out!


  1. Troll, I'll have to check my cards, but I might have a few of the Ray cards you need. I'll let you know.


  2. Charley (or anyone) you can email me at bacontowne at yahooo dot com

  3. Did you get my first package yet? cause 6 of the cards that I sent were ones that you needed for your topps Rays checklists. I'll check to see if I can help out some more with your newly expanded list