Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving Right Along... Pack #14 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club

Moving right along to pack #14 of 1993 Stadium Club… Quick rip at work means not a bunch of words or pics… Here we go!
#624 Bud Black San Francisco Giants
#734 John Johnstone Florida Marlins (He is one of two different players to make the big leagues named John William Johnstone. The other preferred to be called Jay)
#742 Damon Buford Baltimore Orioles
#684 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants (1993 was the Quad-Fecta for Bonds… He started in the All Star Game, won a Gold Glove and Silver AND won the NL MVP… He also paced the NL in homers and RBI and batted .334. Had Andres Gallarragga not hit .370 that year. Barry Lamar could have taken the Triple Crown, too)
#615 Jim Abbott New York Yankees (Abbott finished third in the 1991 Cy Young vote when he won 18 games)
#706 Cris Carpenter Florida Marlins (Again, not to be confused with the far more successful Chris Carpenter)
#637 Tom Henke Texas Rangers (Mr. Henke started his career as a Ranger, spent 8 years in Toronto and returned to Texas in 1993 where he saved 40 ball games for the Rangers)
#639 Jimmy Key New York Yankees
#658 Lonnie Smith Pittsburgh Pirates (Skates won a World Series ring with 3 different teams during the Eighties-not the Pirates though)
#647 Ivan Calderon Boston Red Sox
#707 Ken Griffey Jr Seattle Mariners (The Kid would take the Trifecta in the AL-starting the AS Game, winning Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove. He finished 5th in the MVP vote that year after setting career highs in homers and RBI. His final line in ’93 was .309 with 45 homers and 109 RBI)
#731 Mike Hampton Seattle Mariners
#656 Mike Harkey Chicago Cubs
#604 Bryan Harvey Florida Marlins (The original closer for the Fish! Was an All Star in their Inaugural Year, saved 40 games and got votes for both Cy Young and MVP)
That didn’t take long… Just 10 more to go and I need to get to a scanner. Troll out!

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  1. I get so happy when you pull a Griffey I need a Henke. I know that was bad, but I just woke up.