Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still Working on the Group Break-Pack #17 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press

I haven’t torn open a pack of 1997 Pinnacle X Press all year… I was rolling along with these and stopped, I don’t know why… With only 7 cards per pack these are by far the easiest to post and easy is good because 13 hours into my shift, it is 23 degrees out here and my fingers are so numb and swollen it is really hard to hit just one key…kajdfa;io;ejhrf is pretty natural right now… Anyway, here is pack #17 of ’97 X Press…Here we go!
#89 Jeff Conine Florida Marlins (Ya can’t go wrong with Mr. Marlin. Jeff knocked out 26 in ’96…)
#7 Ken Griffey Jr Seattle Mariners (1997 was THE year for the Kid. He led the league in homers (56) and RBI (147) runs scored (125) and slugging percentage (.646). He also hit .304, stole 15 bases and was intentionally walked 23 times. He went a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, started the All Star Game and won the MVP Award. He would lead the league in homers both of the next two seasons… Imagine his numbers if he ever stayed healthy)
#22 Rusty Greer Texas Rangers (Thurman Clyde Greer III topped .300 5 times in his 9-year career and retired with a lifetime .305 average)
#9 Greg Maddux MEN OF SUMMER GOLD Atlanta Braves (Mad Dog started the All Star Game in ’97, but finished second to Pedro Martinez in the Cy Young Vote in ’97)
#99 John Wetteland Texas Rangers (JW was 7-2 with a 1.94 ERA and 31 saves for the Rangers in ’97)
#39 Bubba Trammell Detroit Tigers (Talk about raw power and raw talent…This dude had it all-he even had the balls to wear #44 as a rookie. When the Devil Rays scooped him up I thought he would be a 40 homer guy, he looked like Canseco in BP.
The closest thing he had to a full season was 2001 with San Diego when he played in 142 games and hit 25 homers. Dude had power. Oh, and Bubba isn’t his real first name-its his middle name…)
#??? Swing for the Fences Game Card -1
#39 Tony Clark Detroit Tigers (’97 was among Clark’s career best seasons statistically-he batted .276 with 32 homers and 117 RBI)
#Bobby Abreu Houston Astros (Looking at Abreu’s career numbers I can’t believe he was only an All Star twice… He has batted over .300 7 times, driven in more than 100 runs 8 times, collected more than 100 walks 8 times and stolen 30 or more bases 5 times. Wow.)
All righty, another pack down… I am out in a couple of hours, I am gonna try and crank at least 1 more pack out, but it is darn cold out here… Working inside tonight which is good for the fingers, but not good for the blog…If you were wondering, I am still searching for Chris Ray... Until the next pack, troll out!


  1. Very nice...Griffey, followed by Greer with Wettelend to close....pun intended.

  2. I guess I'm slightly confused... do you work outside? Are there computers outside?

  3. Madding-yes, I work outside... I used a laptop outside...