Saturday, January 30, 2010

The LAST Pack of 1993 Topps Stadium Club, THE LAST PACK!!!!

It's been a long night, (actually it's much more like morning) but I’m on a roll and I am really psyched to finally finish off one of these boxes. This is the LAST pack of 1993 Topps Stadium Club… Here we go!
#666 Harold Baines Baltimore Orioles (Should I be nervous that the first card out of #the last pack I opened is number 666? 1993 was the first year of the first stop that Baines made in his home state with Baltimore. He hit 20 homers and batted .313. Pretty much standard stuff for Baines… Also, 1993 was the first year that Baines became exclusively a DH-he did spend 2 innings in right field in 1997 though.)
#644 Tony Fernandez New York Mets (The Padres send Fernandez to NY for Wally Whitehurst right after the ’92 season. He would only play 48 games for the Mets before they traded him back to the Blue Jays in June ’93 for Darrin Jackson. In Toronto Fernandez’s batting average jumped 81 points from .225 with the Mets to .306 in Toronto. Of course the Jays won the Series in ’93 and Fernandez, who had originally signed with the Jays in 1979 won his first and only ring with his original team)
#703 David Cone Kansas City Royals (Cone was a late season acquisition by the Blue Jays in 1992 and he helped them to their first World Series, but left for free agency and Kansas City after the Series. Had an off year in ’93 for the Royals going 11-14, but came back and won the Cy Young Award for the strike shortened ’94 season)
#737 Rob Natal Florida Marlins (I don’t think I have a scan of this one, but it is a Rob Natal play at the plate)
#707 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners (Its hard to get upset with pulling a Griffey, but this is like the 6th copy of this card! Griffey batted .358 against lefties in ’92 with 12 homers in 173 at-bats)
#724 Frank Bolick Montreal Expos (Who?)
#652 Armando Reynoso Colorado Rockies (Reynoso was 12-11 with a 4.00 ERA and 4 complete games for the Rockies in their inaugural season)
#713 Manuel Lee Texas Rangers (After 8 seasons in Toronto the Roberto Alomar trade made Lee expendable. He found a temporary home in Texas in 1993 and ’94 fighting for playing time at short with Mario Diaz)
#671 Jerald Clark Colorado Rockies (One half of the slugging Clark Brothers of the early 90’s. Combined the two (Jerald and Phil) played for parts of 12 seasons and hit 61 homeruns)
#602 Jeff Reardon Cincinnati Reds (The Terminator spent just 1 year with the Reds and he logged (7th All Time) 8 of his 367 career saves there)
#735 Mitch Webster Los Angeles Dodgers
#673 Kirk Gibson Detroit Tigers (Gibby won the MVP in ’88 but NEVER made an All Star team…)
#748 Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox MEMBERS CHOICE (From the back of the card: “Clemens is to pitching what Lombardi’s Packers were to football”
#672 Doug Drabek Houston Astros (This is a great card to end the last pack of a box that bored me to tears at times. That isn’t sarcasm either, I was a Drabek fan… Drabek will forever be remembered as the 1990 Cy Young (22-6, 2.76 ERA) and also the guy who suffered all 3 losses in the 1992 NLCS against the Braves. Drabek started 7 games in the postseason, he threw 2 complete games and struck out 33 batters. He has a career 2.05 ERA in the playoffs to go with his 2-5 record. Hard luck for a very cool and decent guy)
Okay, that’s it! Stick a fork in 1993 Topps Stadium Club, cuz it is DONE!!! It was a nice ride, but I am glad It’s over. Thanks for reading. Just need to finish off the Pinnacles now. Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. I knew this day would come...I'm a little sad, but glad for you!