Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Most Patriotic Box Break Ever!!!

Greetings Trollites! Out in the cold taking a brief "break" from the group break to show a little bit of the bounty from the box of 2008 Allen and Ginter that Duane from the Democratic Roadkill blog so graciously sent my way... A huge thanks goes out to my friend Duane of the aforementioned Democratic Roadkill blog . You rock and I owe you HUGE friend!
The wife and I didn’t have a whole bunch of time to hang out this holiday week… She got a few days off (being a banker) but volunteered with me at All Charities on Christmas and New Year’s Day… One of the highlights of our Holiday was ripping a hobby box of 2008 Allen and Ginter. This was the second box we ripped and we did really well again. My wife, the legendary Esther Gin N Juice doesn’t really get into card collecting very much. Her personal collection is limited to a few Yu Gi Oh cards that my son gave her and a couple of cards I gave her as gag gifts when we first started dating… Yeah, I hooked her up with Rusty Kuntz, Harry Chappas and Dick Pole and she didn’t run away. She’s a keeper! Anyway, even though she isn’t a collector, she does enjoy ripping a box, especially A and G or Heritage. We broke the box, I opened the N43 (Hanley) and we split the packs 12 each and competed to see who got the better hits. We tore it up pretty quick, and then filled the binder. For the record, I won the contest getting 3 hits myself… It was a pretty awesome box-we got very few doubles and very good hits.
Going into it I needed over 200 cards to finish the set, now I only need 70 cards to finish it off. I will scan some cards soon cuz I really like this set, but for now I wanted to show off my All American Relic Trifecta of Carlos Zambrano, Delwyn Young and Tom Gorzelanny. My lone complaint was that the last box I ripped had a Gorzelanny jersey in it, too. Now I wouldn’t mind doubling up on Carl Crawford or Joe Mauer, but Gorzelanny? Oh well. The order I pulled them was perfect. Red first, then white and finally blue. Awesome. I scanned them backwards, but you get the idea, right? These weren’t the lone hits either… There was one that was even better. Stay tuned for that. For now I wanted to throw out a super mega thank you to Duane from Democratic Roadkill, show off my patriotic pulls and also my want list for 2008 Allen and Ginter. I haven’t sorted through the state cards yet, but for the regular set, here is what we need…
6,8,11,13,14,16,19,30,34,37,39,41,46,59,69,73,76,83,84,95,96,99,102,103,107,109,130,137,139,141,144,156,168,171,176,178,181,187,196,198,208,209,219,228,232,234,248,250,254,271,272,284,285,288,292,293,297,303,305,313,317,318,320,328,341,343,346 and 348. That’s it. Two boxes and I was able to knock out 38 short prints. Awesome! I will post the hits soon, but I gotta get back to the group box break…Freezing my Troll fingers and everything else off over here-until the next one. Oh... friendly reminder...Voting for the Gummie Awards is open-you can vote right here! Oh-sorry if my writing lacks the usual punch, it is f-ing freezing (literally) out here! Troll out!


  1. I'll send 13, 41, 83, 103, 178, 219, 271 in your next package.

  2. I got some of them for you as well. Expect a list tomorrow. It's freezing here too bro!

    Congrats on winning Rookie Blog of the Year, and for the Gummie nomination.

    Since you said you voted for me, I went ahead and did the same for you. Good luck!

  3. went through the short prints first, and I have 303, 317 & 346 for you.

  4. I have two cards from the list: 95/David Patton & 320/BJ Ryan.

  5. thanks Beardy!!! I do appreciate everything! Good Luck on the Gummie Awards! You deserve it!

  6. Went through the first half of the first of 3 boxes of doubles, and have found the following:

    297, 37, 14, 196, 234, 39, 198, 6, 139, 103, 102, 232, 137, 73, 179, 76, 219, 285, 69, 137, 84, 272, 13, 41, 271, 178 & 181.

    There should be more to follow tomorrow. Email me your address, and I'll drop them in the mail this week.

  7. I have 4 base sets that are sorted. Let me know what you end up short after Beardy get his hooks into your set.

  8. Sorry Troll, I have 0 2008 Ginter for you...stay warm!