Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Joys of 3 Completed Pages... Thanx Beardy!!!

Good Morning Trollites! Taking a quick breather from the group box break to show off 3, count em 3 completed pages...Here's the story, the quick version: After having so much fun tearing up the last hobby box of 2008 Allen and Ginter (Thanks Duane!) I posted these hits along with my want list to finish off the set. The legendary Bearded Blogger was the first to answer the call and he sent me 28 cards towards total set annihilation… The result was 3 more completed pages, oh the joy!
Thanks Beardy! If anyone else wants to lend a helping hand, my current needs list is here, I am 18 cards away.... Thanks for looking. Oh, if anyone is interested the caption contest is closed, I got a total of 15 entries (way more than expected) between emails and comments and since a very important free slot iin the group break is on the line, I will post 6 (maybe more) of the best and leave it to a 1-day (anonymous poll) vote of the blog-o-cracy. If you didn't enter, feel free to post one here. You won't get in the contest, but I know tomorrow will be a bad day and I could use a laugh early in the morn... Troll out.

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