Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doesn't ANYBODY Like Blake DeWitt??? Plus MORE Trade Bait!

Thanks to BA Benny my list has been trimmed down to just 22 cards! The 2011 Topps list is up-to-date right HERE. The person I split the 2 hobby boxes with was a Rays fan, too, and he took ALL of the Tampa Bay Rays base. Many of the cards on my needs list are Rays, but on the list or not I still need a copy of ALL the Series 2 Rays for my team sets…

I just finished putting everything into their binder – what a way to spend the morning, seriously, I LOVE putting a set into a binder! I have complained about Topps collation before, but after 2 hobby boxes I had 90% of the base set. That isn’t too bad… I hope I have the same luck when I crack open my piggy bank so I can crack open a box of Allen and Ginter.

Anyway, I had posted some 2011 Topps trade bait parallels. I had 1 short print variation – of Andre Dawson. I had no less than 11 e-mail offers for that card. Beyond that there wasn’t too much interest in anything. Seriously, doesn’t anybody like current Cubs second baseman Blake DeWitt? His black parallel, card 628 is numbered 13/60 AND it is still available. The former first round pick is batting .263 for the Cubbies this year…

Also available from 2011 Topps are these GOLD parallels…

Card #531 of Blue Jays outfielder Juan Rivera is numbered 1026/2011.
Card #359 of Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay shows Mr. Halladay about to receive the celebratory hug from Carlos Ruiz after tossing the first postseason no-hitter since 1956. Its #ed 0921/2011. (CLAIMED!)
More celebration Philadelphia style is on card #511, numbered 0329/2011. (CLAIMED!)
For more sparkly Roy Halladay, I also have his Diamond Stars insert, card #DS-11. (CLAIMED!)
For more gold team cards, I also have card 568 of Kansas City Royals, numbered 0563/2011.
Next up is gold card #403 of the 4th youngest pitcher to reach 1000 Ks, King Felix Hernandez, numbered 0256/2011.
Okay, my last series 2 gold card is number 395 of White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers, numbered 0205/2011. The card itself is very well centered, sorry bout the bad scan...
I have 1 gold card leftover from Series 1… Card #220 of Todd Helton.
I only have 3 random inserts left, if you want ‘em, I have 2 non sparkly cards, #RDT17 of CC and RDT29 of Josh Johnson. Also, I have 1 lone Diamond Duos card, #DD-14 of Werth and Zimmerman… (sorry, no scans)
I have a few parallels leftover from 2010, these are of the bronze variety…
Card #482 of Mike McCoy, #ed 210/399.
Card #468 of Delmon Young, #ed160/399 and card #577 of Jason Jaramillo, #ed 212/399. (CLAIMED!)
Finally, leftover from 2009 and with NO scans are card #556 of Brendan Ryan, #ed0670/2009 and card 537 of Anthony Reyes, #ed 0275/2009. That’s all for now… Thanks for reading! I look forward to finishing this set off BEFORE I begin 2011 Allen and Ginter. Oh, a reminder of the rules... If you want a card, it is first come, first serve. You MUST claim the card in the comments on this page, THEN send me an email with your address and what you are gonna give me... Thanks again! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Those are some sweet looking Phillies there Troll, I'd love to throw them in my binder here if they have not been claimed yet...
    I've been about an hour north of Green Bay in the last 72 hours and I'm just now starting to feel the miles. Flew out Tues am and returned last night/this morning at 12:45 am, talk about a whirlwind trip!!

  2. We, meaning I, prefer Darwin Barney to Blake Dewitt. He's hitting .306 for the year and .389 over his last 10 games. No offense, Blake. Sorry Bacon.