Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's Card o' da Day, Colt 45 Edition...

No I haven't finally found a malt liquor to sponsor this blog, this post is about the Colt 45s from Houston, more specifically one of their original outfielders... Al “Spanky” Spangler put together a really nice career… He stayed in the big leagues for 13 seasons with 4 different clubs. He was a valuable left-handed bat off the bench and was a reliable left fielder with good range. All that said I had never heard of the man before I received his card from reader Brent in the mail last week. I have heard of him now and did my five minutes of research on him before giving him the honor of being today’s CT Card o’ da Day. Appearing on card #77 from 1963 Topps baseball, Spanky fits many of the criteria for being a card of the day. I own the card, it is from a set I am chasing, he has a nickname (Spanky), he was a Nitty Gritty player and he was an original member of an expansion team (I just added that one to the list). There is also a cool cartoon on the back showing a ballplayer at the "base store". The card also is an error showing Spangler with a left handed batting stance up top and a reverse neg in the inlay, but most importantly, Al Spangler is now the 100th card I own from 1963 Topps and I am pretty happy and grateful to add so many so quickly. Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who has helped me out! My want list is once again up-to-date; check it out if you please. Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. Al Spangler had cred with Cubs fans because he was part of the beloved 1969 team. I do like the Colt 45's uni's. Can you imagine a team trying to put a gun on a uniform these days.