Monday, July 25, 2011

WARNING! 2011 A & G Post -- Seven out of Ten Portraits of Penultimacy Minis For Viewing or Trading...

I have been pretty lucky with Allen and Ginter so far this year (2011). I haven’t pulled anything, but I got together a local network of collectors to split 2 cases of the product. I did horrible on my box, but I have been getting dupes from everyone else, so set-wise I am doing pretty well… Of course no one has dupes of rip cards, autos, rare minis, etc., but pending delivery I think I have the base set (1-350) finished, plus many of the normal minis sets as well. I know that many bloggers and collectors hate this time of year with Ginter Overload and all. I admit that I get tired of it, too, but it doesn’t make me love this product less…

Honestly I get more excited if I get a 2008 mini that I need than I would if I got a great card from 2011, but whatever… As I get some dupes myself I will post them here to help out the rest of you trying to finish your mini sets. I am going to begin with the Portraits of Penultimacy mini set. Very cool word you don’t see too often. The first time I saw it in print was in reference to Scottie Pippen, the second fiddle on the Championship Bulls teams of the 1990s. I haven’t finished the set, nor have I scanned the checklist – I wonder if old Scottie Pippen is in this one. He would fit in perfectly.

Okay, everything here (other than Toto, for now) is up for trade. I have several copies of some of these. Anyway, as y’all now, I am still trying to finish off the regular Topps sets from 2007 – 2011, PLUS Rays gold cards, PLUS Rays Ginter minis, plus 2008 Upper Deck Documentary, PLUS 2010 Allen and Ginter, plus some Vintage sets. In other words, I am pretty easy to trade with…
Here we go! Starting with card # PP1 of unaccredited telephone innovator Antonio Meucci. Wow, I have nothing to say about him, how often does that happen?
Card number PP4 of deranged blacksmith and Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor. I’m gonna guess that Igor is even shorter than Tim Collins, so I guess that makes him pretty cool. I guess.
Card number PP5 is my favorite of the set so far… It features the hype machine known as the Hare. The unbeatable speedster who lost a race in one of the great upsets of all time…
Card #PP6 features the Lone Rangers faithful sidekick Tonto… I am quickly running out of time before I am expected to actually work while at work, so…
Card PP7 shows composer Antonio Salieri, while card PP8 features Sancho Panza, squire to Don Quixote… The final card I have is of a little dog… Card #PP10 of Dorothy’s pooch Toto.
Everything is up for trade… Get in touch and these minis could be yours... Oh, by the way, I dug out my checklist for 2011 Ginter and there is no Scottie Pippen card included. I am missing 3 cards to finish this one off... Thomas Dewey, Doctor Watson and Mike Gellner. If the last card is the Mike Gellner I think it is, I WANT IT!!! Cheers! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. You have a GReat Day Troll, "and your little Dog TOO!!"

  2. a quick note... my PP minis set is finished, thanks Duane!!!
    ALL of these minis are still up for trade. I have several copies of some of them. I finished off Step Right Up and have a TON of dupes. I am still working on Animals in Peril. Will post some of them soon...

  3. hey homie,
    looking for any base mini anything 2011 A&G i'm not going to buy one pack of this stuff going to try to built the set with the blogging worlds help.... Hit me up