Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Awesome Trade With Roll out the Barrel!

In keeping with the theme of catching up on trades, here is a big one from my FAVORITE trading partner, Ed from Roll out the Barrel. He is a Wisconsinite and a die-hard fan of the Brew Crew. I have a knack for yanking cards of Mr. Braun and the Prince so things seem to work out for us. I don't know exactly, but I believe this is like our 5th or 50th trade, and I have been really happy with all of them. Basically, any Brewers cards that I pull go right to Ed, you should do the same! Well, both of our teams have been complete disappointments this year, but we still back ‘em, so it is all good! Anyway, I got this package today, he had sent me some cards a few weeks back, but they were mixed up a while back. These came with a note that said “I needed to even up after the last trade”. Okay, I will take his word for it, I guess. I don’t recall being unhappy, but I let out a school girl like (ask my wife) scream when I opened up the cards…I will start with the good and leave the best for last. He sent along two 2007 Bowman Heritage foil cards. I will say for the record that I think this is a really awesome set. Do they make these anymore? I had collected the set and had gotten pretty close, but I decided to break it to make some trades and earn some trading partners. I never owned these shiny specimens. He sent card #160 of Carl Crawford and card #198 of his neighbor in the outfield, BJ Upton. He also sent a 2008 (I think) RED Turkey Red card of CC. I have never seen a red Turkey Red so I know I don’t have this. It looks cool, I think I would like some more! Speaking of more, he sent another CC card. This one is a 2007 SPX Gold Winning Materials card with a serial number and all. The number is 113 of 199. I already had a BJ Upton card from this series, so they make a nice pair. The Upton card has a white swatch and the CC has a grey one. I don’t know how many CC relics I have now, but I know when I started this blog I had one. I think this card may put me up to 15. I almost feel guilty for the all of the generosity you fellow bloggers have shown me. Thanks to everyone! Speaking of generous…The last card in the package was very generous! Not many people are willing to give up Jason Bartlett cards these days, but sent me the coolest one possible. It’s from the 2007 Upper Deck Elements set, card #AU (gold!)-BT with a sweet signature in the bottom corner. Any Bartlett cards are welcome here, but autographed cards are AWESOME!!! Thanks again to Ed for going above and beyond the call of blog-duty. Thanks to him and all of the awesome traders, my Rays case is looking like this. Happy 9-Nine-9 to all! Go Rays! Let’s win one for a change! Troll out.

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  1. Hey, glad they got there ok and that you enjoyed them.

    Although, I am a little uncomfortable with the thought that I made another man scream like a school girl.