Friday, September 4, 2009

Ya Can't Mess With Shiny! Chrome Cards For Trade...

Anyone who had read this blog knows that I have had a 3-year-long battle with an addiction to Topps Heritage. I trying to clean up the resin around the house and I’ve realized that I have a whole bunch of shiny cards that I have yet to trade away. I suppose all of these are in fact on the block and ready to trade for Heritage or Ginter cards from my list ( )or shiny and/or neato Tampa Bay Rays cards. Please comment to claim a card and e-mail me to work out a deal. Here we go:
2007 Heritage Chrome Edgar Renteria card # THC68 (does anyone else find it hilarious that the number starts with THC?) Serial Number 1892/1958 2007 Heritage Chrome Gil Meche card # THC15, sn#0640/1958 2008 Heritage Chrome (high number) Curtis Granderson card #C242 (they ditched the TH before the C!) Serial #0380/1959 2009 Heritage Chrome Refractor JJ Hardy #C48, SN 430/560 2009 Heritage Chrome Refractor Miguel Cabrera #C53, SN 078/560 2009 Heritage Chrome Travis Snyder #C82, SN 1593/1960 2009 Heritage Chrome Vladimir Guerrero #C26, SN 1952/1960 2009 Heritage Chrome Refractor Chipper Jones #C56, SN 012/560-Okay, based on who has gotten cool Braves cards most recently from me in trade, the claiming order is as follows (dayf, Cap’n Canuck, McCann Can Triple) 2009 Heritage Chrome Angel Salome #C77, SN 1714/1960 2009 Heritage Chrome Refractor Mark Tei$$eira, #C15, SN 248/560 (Can you believe I pulled a chrome and chrome refractor of the mighty dollar chaser in the same hobby box? NOT HAPPY!) 2009 Heritage Chrome Brad Penney #C74, SN 1749/1960 (wow, I forgot this dude played for the Dodgers-was that like 11 teams ago?) 2009 Heritage Chrome Ryan Zimmerman #C94, SN 1798/1960 (I am not totally sure if this one is on the block, I am still thinking about adding Zim to my player collection, in other words, I will be looking for a chrome Carl Crawford in return for this one!)Okay, these aren’t chrome cards, but they are kinda shiny. They definitely don’t belong in the Troll Collection. These must go! I have home run numbers 12(2),60,61,64,70 and 314. Okay, that sums it up. Lets make a deal! If anyone is wondering why I haven’t announced the winner of the HOF contest, its coming. Ms. Esther Gin N Juice and myself have very different schedules and haven’t been in the same house at the same time (and in the mood for blogger related issues) this week. Maybe Saturday we will do the drawing. Go Rays! We need a sweep in Detroit! Troll out.


  1. *sigh* always the bridesmaid, never the bride...

  2. ...I do love the look of that Chipper card.

    I'm eyeing the Curtis Granderson though and the Edgar Rneteria. What would you give for one or both?

    I just found a shiny Rays card on my desk. It is an UD iocns card. IC-SK (Scott Kazmir) I'll look to see what else, since Icons isn't the most liked brand.

  3. Cap N, yer day will come... Sarah, the Curtis and Edgar are as yet unclaimed. I have an UD Icons Kaz card from Zack AC. I know ya don't have a scanner, what year and number is it?

  4. It is 2009 and it doesn't have a number. It just says IC-SK. It isn't a a base card rather.

    Oh wait... upper deck does have pictures.

    Can you see it here?

    Just scroll down to SK.

  5. I think I gots da chipper. At any rate, I defer to Canuck who I am sure will be chivalrous and let McCann can Triple have it.

  6. I wonder if I have anything to offer for that Vladdy...

  7. T what do you want for the Miggy??

  8. I need all of them. Swing me an email, and I will give you an offer you cant refuse..