Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Mailday EVER!!! A Quick Post Before Skool...

So today was the best mail day ever in the Troll Post Office box… Four amazing trade packages from Greg of “No One’s Gonna Read This Blog”, Wicked Ortega’s “My Pastime, I Love It!”, a surprise package from my buddy Ed of “Roll Out The Barrel” fame and a long awaited package from Captain Canuck which took nearly a month to get here, but arrived unscathed. There were also a few TTM envelopes, 3 to be exact. Two of them were responses from my "Tampa Bay Rays’ Autograph Project" and came from outfielder Matt Joyce and left-handed pitcher Chris Seddon (who belongs in the Big Leagues-more in-depth post to come!). The 3rd came from former Negro League outfielder and first baseman Art “Superman” Pennington. It didn’t include an autograph (which is fine) but did include this note. If you can’t read it, it says “Thanks for your very Long letter. It will cost you $25.00 to answer all you want. Thanks for your letter, Art “Superman” Pennington”
It was a long letter. I write my letters like I write my posts and the poor guy had to read 5 pages handwritten and I did ask a ton of questions… It’s funny (to me) that this is the first post I’ve written since the Bronson Arroyo one. This is quite different. Unlike Mr. Arroyo, this guy is 86 years-old, never came close to making a living (never mind a fortune) playing ball and he DID reply. I fully intend on sending him the requested money (the wife has already approved it!) and I will probably send a fifty just because... I can share his address and autograph rates with anyone who would like it. This guy is a living legend. I have to go to school-more to come, I promise!

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