Monday, September 14, 2009

Total Awesomeness in the Mail from "No One's Gonna Read This Blog"!-or-Total Annihilation at the Hands and Hips of Esther Gin N Juice!!!

I have traded with Jeremy from No One’s Gonna Read This Blog a couple of times now. He, like me, is on the endless pursuit of this year’s Allen & Ginter. He is taking a much more difficult route, he is trying to finish not just the minis set, but the black-bordered minis set. Good luck on that my friend! He also collects players that I don’t really care for and therefore has been a good spot to donate my unwanted Jeter, A-Rod, Johan and David Wright cards. The last trade we did, he loaded me up with Ginter Goodness. This trade included some cards, too. He sent this trio of X-Rays who all have more hopes of playing in the postseason than anyone on the current roster. He also sent along this sketch card of the best hitter of this generation, Ichiro. I do love the Ginter sketches. A lot of bloggers don’t, but I most certainly do. According to my want lists, I need only card #3 to finish this little set off. According to what I actually have in my little Troll hands, I still need cards number 2,3,4,10 and 25. I am hoping that there are some cards being held hostage by the US Postal Service and I do, in fact, only need card #3 to be done with this set and finally post them all, as a set. Jeremy sent some other random Rays and a few more Ginters as well, but this trade involved something far cooler than cards. If you have read his Blog then you know that he is a very talented photographer who also dabbles in the art of sketching. He has done drawings of Johan Santana and Sandy Koufax on his blog that are really freaking’ cool. In fact, before you read on, check out the archives on his site. Okay, assuming that you have checked his work out and you are already thoroughly amazed and impressed, I will continue. He had mentioned something about doing a sketch of some roller derby action a while back in an e-mail. The lazy guy that I am, I never sent him any pictures, so I certainly didn’t expect anything from him. I guess he had found a photo of my bone crushingly awesome wife on my blog and went to town with it. When this package arrived last week, I was a little curious because A. I didn’t know he was sending me any cards. B. The envelope was HUGE! So, I got the package on a Sunday on the way to work (I know there is no mail on Sunday, it was leftover from Sat) and as soon as I got to work I C. opened up the package. I didn’t even look at the cards at first cuz I saw art in there. The first image that I pulled out had me a little puzzled. It didn’t look anything my wife; it appeared to be a girl taking a huge hit and was also alone in the picture. Weird. As I pulled out the rest of the images, it made sense. He had made a multi-media, mixed media animation cell of the wife, Ms. Esther Gin N Juice, laying the smack down on another derby girl. Jeremy, you have no idea how many hours I have spent playing with this. You can make Esther creep up on the other girl, she can start to hit her, and then you get the finished product. Total annihilation at the hands and hips of Esther Gin N Juice!!! Thanks so much Jeremy. This is easily the coolest thing anyone has ever made for me. Of course, the rest of the team is jealous now and they all want you to make them awesome animation cells. Hell, I would love to have one of myself putting the hurt on the characters on my keyboard! Thanks again for the trade and the super awesome art! You are a truly talented individual my friend. I am sorry that my crappy snap shots don't do your art justice. This is truly amazing! Go Bombers! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. Thank you so much for the links to my blog and the comments on my art!! I was hoping that you would like the drawings. I was afraid that you might not like them. Send me some e-mails of you and the other girls on the team, maybe I can do something for them. Also, I just got my box of ginter today, so I should have some more stuff to trade.