Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Package From Nachos Grande!

Gosh, ever have one of those weeks where posting on here is the most excruciatingly painful thing you can imagine? It’s been like that for the Troll this week. That doesn’t mean that my mailbox hasn’t been full of good stuff though… I have packages to post from Bozeman Breaker, Roll Out the Barrel, JD Wild Cardz, Cardboard Singles and a few more… I am gonna start with this one from my buddy Chris over at Nachos Grande. Chris has decided to chase the chrome version set of 2009 Heritage. It sounds crazy, but it can be any harder than trying to finish the regular 500 card set and all its poor collation and hard to grab short prints… Through all of my ripping I had 9 (I think) shiny cards to help Chris out and he had stuff from 3 different of my want lists and a nice and shiny card of Rays catcher Dioner Navarro. I now have Sonnanstine and Navarro, I don’t know which other Rays are in the 2008 chrome, but I know I want ‘em!
He has had card #445 of former Red Sox pitcher John Smoltz on his trade list for a while, but until now I couldn’t entice this one away from him, but now its mine, all mine!
He helped out with some of the base cards for that set that I didn’t realize I still needed until now along with a bunch of 2008 high numbers cards, including the much needed Ben Zobrist (577), Willy Aybar (673) and Evan Longoria (650). If anyone has doubles of these, I can still use them for my team collection! He didn’t stop there, he also knocked a few more of off my SPs need list for this years Ginter and a couple National Pride cards, too. Oh, and an awesome sketch card of the Big Hurt who has somehow managed to make an appearance in every set this year. Come on Hurt, give somebody else a chance! Thanks Chris, it’s always a pleasure… I posted last night that it was to be Scott Kazmir’s first game with the Angels. I was wrong; he will take the ball and the mound against King Felix and the Seattle Mariners. Not an easy task. I also predicted that the return of Andy Sonnanstine was a good thing, I was wrong about that, too. This trade was a good one; I will post more of them soon. As always, my lists are: I always appreciate trades! As a post note, I do have a handful more shiny Heritage cards that are available as trade bait...They will be up for your viewing pleasure shortly... As another end note, today is Paul from Carl Crawford Cards birthday, Happy B-Day Paul!!! Go Rays! Win it for Paul! Troll out.


  1. I have posting issues this week, too. It's not that I don't have anything to say, or post, or have run out of ideas. I just don't have the FREAKIN' TIME.

    God, I hate early September.

    (Nice Wilkins SP -- still need that for my set).

  2. Glad you liked the cards - thanks for the trade!