Monday, September 21, 2009

A Bunch of Complaining and Some Sweet Brian Roberts Cards Courtesy of Cards on Cards...

Congrats to Carl Crawford on driving home his 500th career run and congrats to the Rays for beating Roy Halladay for the 4th time this year. Rookie David Price took home his 9th victory of the year and improved his home record to 7-3 with a 3.11 ERA. The Rays completed the sweep of the Jays and have the day off today with the Mariners coming to town for a two-game series starting on Tuesday. This Troll is sitting at the computer, but trying really hard to do some much needed homework. I have not even checked the post office today, if you can believe that! Thanks to Tricia from the Hamiltonian blog, the Ginter Highlights Sketch set is complete, now I am down to Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, Bamboozles, Creatures, Myth, Terror and Legend. Bring ‘em on! I am suffering from an extreme case of school-related-writer’s-block, so this is going to be short. Just to make myself feel better, I will post a list of things that are really bothering me today…1. My phone’s screen has gone dead. No phone book, no text messaging, no calendar, no time. Blah! Oh, its not just the screen, it doesn't work at all. 2. The air conditioner in the Casa De Troll isn’t cooling. 3. The wife has work, dentist appointment and then school. I will be probably be sleeping by the time she finally gets home and I can’t even call her! (see #1). 4. I hate writing about poetry. 5. The Rays are off tonight. They are playing on Tuesday and Wednesday, but a Troll’s gotta work those nights. 5. I had a really good job interview on Friday for a potentially rad machining job, but… see #1. 6. I am out of coffee. 7. This house is really hot. 8. I would so much rather write a really long blog right now than another page and a half long essay about a crappy poem about eating plums. 8. Okay, all that is out, I think I will show some cards… These came from Madding at Cards on Cards. He sent a TON, so this will be a multi-parter. He is the first person to attack cards on my new player collections. I will start today with the Brian Roberts cards. As I received these, I owned exactly one Roberts card, a 2008 Goudey . The 31-year-old shortstop is hitting .285 with 15 homers and 74 rbis. He has 54 doubles which puts him at 50 or more in two straight years and three total. Not a lot of other guys have done this. He has scored 103 runs, giving him 100 or more in 3 straight years, 4 overall. He sits at 29 steals, but will most likely swipe number 30 and beyond giving him 30 plus steals for four consecutive years. The guy is great. He is one of the best ever, perhaps even a Hall of Famer? Too early to tell, I think. I would like to see Baltimore try and build something around him so he can compete for a ring while he is still at the top of his game. Thanks for all of the B-Robs Madding! Thanks to you, the collection stands at 6 cards! If I ever finish my home work, I do plan on making separate pages for all of my player collections, complete with lists of what I have and dupes I have for trading. Okay, I suppose I will get back to my crappy homework. The Roberts cards are awesome because most of all of them show him in action. The guy can hit, the guy can run, the guy can field, can turn two and cover second base. These 5 cards seem to cover all of those. Thanks again Madding! Thanks to everyone who has kept my mailbox full these past few weeks. These cards are the only things that allow me to maintain a little bit of sanity. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Writing poems about plums ... work doesn't seem so bad now.

  2. Would that be the WCW poem? I'm feeling ya'...

  3. CCC, you are so astute! That one and another by Chasin. It is awful! Pure boring evil. And I can't write in the first-person either. A 6 page essay about an 11 line poem and I can't say what I think? That is why I am going crazy!