Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Questions Without Answers, This Is Why I Love Baseball!

First off, this is my 150th post. Congrats to me! Secondly, congratulations to the Durham Bulls (Rays AAA afiliate) on winning the AAA Championship, great job guys! and now, my planned post...
Well, the Rays lost a close one tonight, Jeff Niemann failed in his bid for his 13th win and with the loss, the Rays are now officially eliminated from the playoff picture. They could now win out and still will be watching the playoffs on TV. That is okay though, I refuse to let that bring me down because I love this time of year and I love this game. There’s only two weeks left of the regular season and I intend on savoring every last inning of it, whether the Rays are in it or not. At this point in the season you already know that the Yankees and Cardinals have locked in a playoff spot, and you know that no is gonna challenge Joe Mauer or Hanley Ramirez for the batting title and Albert Pujols is pretty certain to win the NL homer run title, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty more exciting races going on which are not certain. Can the Tigers hold off the Twins? Can the Braves or the Marlins catch the Phillies? Can the Rockies catch the Dodgers? Can they hold off the Giants? Will it be Pujols, Prince or Ryan Howard to take home the NL RBI crown? Does Mariano Rivera have another saves title in him? Does Fuentes? Can Carlos Pena remain the AL home run champ without playing? Will Pujols reach 50 homers? Can Brian Roberts hit 60 doubles? Will the Rays have a winning record? Will Hanley reach 200 hits? Will Cano, Ryan Braun or Miguel Cabrera? Will Ichiro hit 230? Will Ian Kinsler steal one more base and hit one more home run? How many strikeouts will Reynolds have and can he hit 30-30? Can anyone win 20 games? Or 19? Will Kubel, Escobar, McGehee, Crawford, Podsednik, Span, Lind or Butler end the season over .300 or will they end up at .299? Will Lincecum or Verlander strike out 250 batters? Will it be Ellsbury or Crawford for the stolen base title? Who will the Rays deal next? Who is playing their final game in what uniform? Who is playing their final game? Will Randy Johnson, Hoffman, Thome, Sheffield, Rivera, Giambi, Moyer or Smoltz be back next year? Will Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz face off in the NLCS? These are the things that have me up at 2:00 AM thinking and wondering. This is why I love baseball.


  1. Congrats on getting to 150....and Kinsler may not get one more hit the way he's playing. I need him to snap out of it and RIGHT NOW!

  2. I think Reynolds should try to strike out in every single at-bat from here on out so no one other than himself has a chance at snapping his amazing record.

    I think almost all of those guys that you mentioned will be back. I'd be less certain about Giambi and Moyer, I suppose, but it's really hard to keep the great players away from the game.