Sunday, September 13, 2009

Troll Updates and a Trade with McCann Can Triple!

Today is Sunday and that means three things. 1. Esther Gin N Juice is at derby practice. I probably should be there, too, but I have a ton of homework to do (which I am not doing!). 2. There is afternoon baseball! The Rays and Red Sox are all knotted up at zero a piece in the sixth. I should be excited, but it seems only a matter of time before the bullpen takes over and blows it…3. I have to work tonight and have school everyday all week and work every night. Blah. We are getting a room mate today. The legendary Mofo On Wheels, star jammer of the Bradentucky Bombers is moving in on a temporary basis. I should probably be cleaning the house up in anticipation. At the very least, I should put some pants on, but I have a few minutes. I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately asking me who or what I collect. I figured I would add some links to ye olde blog here so I don’t have to keep answering that question. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but have always been too lazy. I’ve actually always been jealous of the other blogs that have their want list links right on the side of their blogs. I am jealous no longer! Please check out my lists, I still have goods to trade…As anyone who reads this silly blog knows I am a diehard Tampa Bay Rays fan. I’ve been hooked since 1998 and had been somewhat used to being the lovable losers of the league. Last year we got a taste and I really thought this year we would take it to the next level. I’ve been optimistic (to a fault) that it would happen. Things looked good for a while, but reality is starting to set it. That has made posting a little less fun. I like recapping Rays wins, not bullpen meltdowns. The trades of Edwin Jackson and Jason Hammel this off season had me pretty upset. I was also really bummed that they didn’t keep Jonny Gomes and Rocco Baldeli. Those guys have been in Tampa Bay for a long time and it’s not the same without them. The trade of Scott Kazmir really tested my allegiance to the Rays. That pissed me off. The trade didn’t (and still doesn’t) make any sense to me, as CCC put it “they were waiving the white flag” and doing so way too early. I used to read Thorzul’s blog (still do!) and look at the CC cards that he posted and wonder how it felt to collect a player so aggressively that was no longer on your team. Now I totally understand. Jonny Gomes and Scott Kazmir are still two of my favorite players and I will be trying to hunt down every last I can of theirs. I am gonna post a quick trade here today. I am about 20 trades behind, which is a good thing, but I gotta get going on this. This one came from South Carolina. It’s from Sarah aka McCann Can Triple for the Rookie Card Collector blog. I was supposed to send her a chrome Edgar Renteria card in return, but oops, it got traded in a lot with the Mojo Hand. Sorry Sarah, I will dig up some much better Braves cards to send your way this week. She sent me an awesome Scott Kazmir chromey type card from Upper Deck Icons (which she is collecting). It is serial number 808 of 999. Thanks for this! The Kazmir collection has about 60 cards in it right now; I wanna get it up over 100 ASAP! She also sent a long a sweet Rays sticker. I absolutely LOVE stickers! This one is going on the stereo right away! It is a vending machine sticker, she was hoping for a Braves one, but got stuck with the Rays. If anyone has a Braves sticker, PLEASE send it her way. The wife and the roomie are here, the Rays are down 1-0 and this Troll has to go! Thanks for the trade Sarah, I will send you some sweet Braves, you won’t be disappointed, I promise! If you haven’t heard, Rod from Padrographs won the Hall of Fame contest. Rod, I have two packages on the way for you. I threw in a bunch of bonus stuff for you; I think you will be pretty happy with it all! While going through my remaining Hall of Fame plaque postcards, I found a Sandy Koufax and it is set aside for Mr. Night Owl (even though he forgot about me in the Carl Crawford auto trade). Happy collecting and happy trading to all! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. Its time to go to work, of course. The new roomie is happily moved in. I've been scanning all day and have run out of time, BUT on Monday I will post 3 awesome trades-Captain Canuck, Wicked Ortega and Jeremy from Oklahoma. All 3 are awesome, I know you all will be waiting on the edge of your seat. Another great job from the Rays pen. Way to go guys!