Friday, June 25, 2010

One Day Left...

To decide the fate of the group break. I have picked up some more packs for it. I found some 2002 and 2009 Topps T206 that I am psyched to rip, plus some more junk wax, two more blasters and a few more packs of mid 2000 stuff. On a baseball note I had great tickets for tonight's Rays game. Rays versus D-Backs. Upton vs. Upton. The return of Edwin Jackson. The return of the guy he was dealt for, Matt Joyce. Hopefully the return of a win streak. Jeff Niemann on the hill... Anyway, I gave the tickets away to a lucky friend as I have to work... I will be posting this weekend, so many new cards. My want lists are up to date. If you are a part of the group break, please vote! Go Rays! troll out.


  1. you gave away tickets TO A NO-HITTER?!?!?!?!?


  2. Uh, yeah, that blows you had to give the tickets away.

    Could have been at a historic game.