Friday, April 22, 2011

1963 Topps Baseball

So yesterday I posted to announce my new collecting goal and even made a list... I put the cards in the binder and noticed that there were cards that I knew I had that weren't in the stack... A couple hours of searching and I found another dozen cards from my new favorite set... The LIST is up to date and it turns out that I have 17% of the first 12 pages done already! Woo hoo! That is the good news. I went to scan some of the cards and realized my scanner isn't working. That is the bad news... More to come, stay tuned... Go Rays! troll out.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anybody Have any Spare 1963 Topps Cards They Don't Need???

So, I have been a list making fool! I am even getting a little bit organized... Instead of piles and stacks of cards all over the floor, I now have 27 binders on the floor and stacks of boxes of random cards up on shelves. I have started working on 1979, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Topps. I am still trying to chase ALL of the inserts from 2010 Topps and someday I would like to finish off 2009 and 2010 Heritage.

1965 Topps is still my #1 obsession and I am now 70% done with that set!!! I am thrilled with that, but I still have Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Pete Rose, Sandy Koufax, Ernie Banks, Yogi Berra, Carl Yaz,Harmon Killebrew and a whole mess of short prints standing in my way. Basically, its gonna be a while before I make much progress...

I need a new (cheaper) vintage fix and have decided on 1963 Topps. This set has grown on me a ton and even though I have NO Hall of Fame cards from the set and I know Mantle, Mays, Aaron and Pete Rose are gonna set me back a ton, but I want to try anyway... I got a binder for them, got enough pages to finish the set and I have the 20 different cards I currently own in the binder - Its pretty laughable really... I have around 3% of the set and have page after page completely empty, BUT ya gotta start somewhere.

I know I have tapped the blog-o-sphere out for '65s, so I now I can start begging for '63s. Anybody got any??? I do have a little trade bait... I have about 5 cards each from '56-'59, around 20 from 1960, 30 from '61 and 20 from '62. I have a couple '64s and about 50 dupes from 1965. I have a few from '66 and '67 and no '68 or '69. I have a few 1973s and 1978s, but otherwise I am tapped out. But, if you wanna trade vintage for vintage, I have some, so lets make a deal!!!

You can find my needs list for 1963 Topps right HERE, please check it out. Chances are if you have a card from this series, I need it. I updated my '65 needs list too, you can find that HERE. Oh, shifting back to the present, thanks to all of my generous blogging buddies, I have a bunch of 2011 Topps on their way to me and pending arrival I need only ONE MORE CARD!!!!

So if anyone has card #18 of Kevin Millwood from 2011 Topps, PLEASE send it my way... I am getting mega close on the minis, too. You can find the whole list for 2011 HERE.

I still need to go through the 2010 Topps binder to figure out what I need to finish the base. According to my needs page I only need a handful of cards, but I think there are at least 30 empty slots. I will update that SOON. My list for Yo Mama cards AND Turkey Reds are up to date. If anyone else is still working on those, I bought a few lots from both those sets. I haven't received them yet, but I will have some dupes for trading... Okay, thanks for checking this out.

I will actually post something else beyond begging soon, but til then, SEND ME YOUR 1963 TOPPS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again to EVERYONE who has hooked me up with 2011 Topps!!! I LOVE the blog-o-sphere, y'all rawk!!!!!!!!
Go Rays! troll out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still Trying to Finish off 2011 Series One...

So, I got a new car... The bank still has time to change it's mind OR hike my interest rate up to the point I have to give it back, so no details yet... I am driving around in it and have been able to check the Post Office. It wasn't a pleasant place yesterday, but... I did empty my box and have received all of the 2011 trades I was waiting on. Everything is bindered up and I officially need just 46 more cards to finish it off. Thanks to all who helped! The current needs list is HERE!
Thanks for looking! troll out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things Are Looking Up...

Greetings Trollites! Thanks to all for being SO patient with me! Things are slowly looking up. Slowly. My battle with my 1990 Jeep Cherokee is coming to a close. Two weeks ago I blew the head gasket on it. I have pumped (literally) thousands of dollars into this car over the past 2 years. I spend most of my free time working on it just to keep it running. I bought this car brand new 22 years ago, paid cash and have really treasured it. When the head gasket went, I knew I could fix it, BUT was struggling with how well I wanted to fix it. I was planning on taking it apart, milling the head and block, doing a valve job, porting the head, replacing the pistons, cam, lifters and valve springs... After some thought I decided that all that work and money won't guarantee that the car will run like new for long. I decided that I am going to replace the head gasket, clean it up and put a for sale sign on it. It was a hard choice - this Jeep has been the longest constant in my life (other than my parents) so life without it will be WEIRD.

I will be replacing the head gasket on Sunday and should have it up on Craigs List by Sunday night. With all the repairs I have no savings left. The plan is to sell this Jeep, continue to take the bus and bum rides to work and hopefully have some down payment money soon. That will be weird too as I have NEVER had a car payment in my life. I do plan on staying with the Jeep family. I really want a Wrangler, but we will see...

On a card collecting note: The Pujols card sold for $77.00. I was hoping for a little more, but it was a butt ugly card and it was pretty great to be able to cash it in. I have thrown up some more stuff on the 'Bay. I put up some of my Carl Crawford cards. With him on the Red Sox I have lost interest in collecting him completely. My interest may return, but it will take a while. It took me 18 years to return to collecting Danny Tartabull after he signed with the Yankees, so we will see. If you have any interest in CC cards, there are 5 up there right now including the gem of my collection, my favorite card of CC, this 2007 Upped Deck Black autograph. Here is the link if you are so inclined... There are a couple of printing plates and another autograph. I thought I would sell off the high end stuff for now. I really don't want to sell any cards I got in trades, so I am just going to sell the stuff that I bought on the bay last year. Anyway, I will try and not be so quiet. I have some neat stuff to post and have gotten a lot of trade stuff and probably have a bunch more waiting in my post office box. I don't like not blogging, but I have to say that it was pretty neat that I missed the ENTIRE Manny Ramirez era with the Rays...Oh, this is the link to the 6 cards that I have listed right now... Oh, the pic at the top of the post is my first completed page from 2011 Topps. I am getting closer and closer!!! The other pic is another CC printing plate that is up for sale...I hope that if I have a working vehicle and I don't spend my days stressing about how I am gonna get to work, then I might have more time to post, so I am crossing my fingers on that... I am STILL collecting, but I am just sticking to set building and vintage. Not so worried about my PCs right now. Thanks for reading. troll out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pujols 1 of 1 is Up For Bid...

Greetings collectors! Yer friend the Troll has been very sick, but I am slowly feeling better and have listed the Pujols 1/1. I have updated my 2011 Topps want list and thanks to y'all, the list has gotten smaller. I have made it to the post office (nor out of the house) but hope to get all of my pending trades out soon. Cheers! troll out.