Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stoopid Pirates and a Trade With Mark From Stats on the Back!

There is so much going on in baseball right now, with the trade deadline, pennant races and rich teams feasting on the poor ones. I took the night off work last night, for the first time in weeks. It was my final night of speech class. Although I am glad that it is over, and I am more pleased that I got an A, I am going to miss the class and miss all the research and I am going to miss delivering speeches that kept the much younger kids in the class interested and asking questions. After we (the wife and I were in class together) both aced our final speeches and both got an A on the final exam, we came home to celebrate, get drunk and hopefully watch the Rays beat the Yankees on TV. We did succeed in getting wasted, as did the Rays. They were shut out by Joba for 8 innings. They did manage a rally in the 9th, with Crawford leading off with a triple and Longo hitting a long ball to bring them both home with no outs. Joe Girardi brought in Mariano to finish the game after Pena doubled, but he was stranded at second, Mariano shut it down and the Yankees won 6-2. Blah. Then I switched over to ESPN and heard about all of the trades. As I have said before, my team in the NL is the Pirates. I love the team, hate the organization. Check out the names we had in Pirate City for spring training in 2008: Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Nate McLough, Freddy Sanchez, Craig Wilson, Adam Laroche and Nyger Morgan. Save the final two names, all were All Stars for the Bucs. All of them are gone in the course of about a year. I was furious last year when they dumped Bay and Nady to the Sox and Yankees. I am glad that they didn’t send Freddy or Craig to New York, but how do you trade your All Star double play combo? Come on. I am glad I don’t live in Pittsburgh. That really sucks. Freddy Sanchez has long been (along with Brian Roberts) one of my favorite non-Rays, but I don’t feel like ranting any more. The Rays lost; the Pirates gave away their top players, whatever…I have fallen way behind in posting trades, so I am gonna focus on that instead. Mark (great name) from Stats on the Back made an offer a few weeks back to send piles of cards out to anyone who claimed them; I claimed the Rays and he delivered quickly.He sent a note (I love the notes!) that said he hoped the freeness of the cards made up for the lack of quality and quantity of them. You have no idea how excited I was to get these cards, Mark. I have decided to start the task (ala the Great Orioles Autograph Project) of collecting an autograph of every (Devil) Rays player ever, on card, in a Rays uniform. This means I first need a card of every Rays player and Mark delivered 6 different names to cross off of my list. Anyone who has contact info for any of these guys, or who knows their signing tendencies, PLEASE let me know!Okay, starting off with a current Ray who has not done too well of late, it’s a 2009 Goudey James Shields. I decided after one blaster that I didn’t care for these cards. The drawings just make the players look too goofy, I still want to collect the Rays and Shields was one I needed.The rest of the cards are all ex-Rays. He sent a bunch, but these are all cards of guys that I didn’t have yet. First, a 2003 Upper Deck MVP card of Jared Sandberg. Jared lasted two seasons in the big leagues, all with the Devil Rays. He hit 25 homers for them, but couldn’t stick and 2003 was his last year with the D-Rays. He played a few more years in the minors trying to make his way back, but has settled on coaching the Rays organization. At 31 years old, I wonder if he will try and make a comeback, but I think he is a great organizational guy to have around. In ten years I would expect to see him managing at the big league level.Al Martin was a long-time Pirate, too. He never made the All Star team, but was one of the most popular Bucs of the 90’s. He had some issues with making up stories about playing football at USC and marrying multiple people and beating them up, but he also spent a season with the Devil Rays as shown by this 2002 Fleer Traditions card.

Next up is a card of Geremi Gonzalez (his first name is misspelled). Geremi was a huge bright spot for the Devil Rays in 2003, one of their top arms. In 25 starts, he struck out 97, winning 6 and losing 11 with a 3.91 ERA. He had great stuff, but horrible run support. Sadly, Gonzalez died at 33 years old, getting struck by lightning in Venezuela last year.
Ryan Rupe was the first of the Devil Rays 1998 draftees to hit the big leagues. He was 8-9 for them in 1999. He looked to have a very bright future, but never really panned out. This is one of the few 2000 Topps cards that were still on my want list, thanks!
Sweet Lou Piniella won Manager of the Year Award three times; he also spent a few unsuccessful years managing the Devil Rays. This 2003 Topps card is the first documentation I have of that. Anyone know how Lou is as a TTM signer?
David Price, Pat Burrell, Delmon Young and Josh Hamilton were all First overall picks in the draft that played for the Devil Rays. So was Paul Wilson, shown here on his 2002 Upper Deck card. He was 15-25 over three seasons with the Rays.
Lance Carter is a Bradenton (the towne I live in) native and was the Devil Rays All Star rep in 2003. I have no idea what he is up to right now, so if anyone has any info on him, I would really appreciate it…Mark sent me a serial numbered (1971/1999) 2000 SP Authentic card of him, which would look really sweet with an autograph on it…As far as I know, he is out of baseball, but where is he?
The next card is pretty sweet, too. I know where Geoff Blum is, he’s the starting third baseman for the Astros, he’s been in the big leagues since 1999 and he won a ring with the White Sox in 2005. I had actually forgotten that he spent an unremarkable year in Tampa Bay in 2004. I have seriously never seen that many fluffy clouds in Tropicana Field before… This card is going to Houston today…
The last card, my favorite of the whole lot, is of former Blue Jays top prospect at shortstop, Alex Gonzalez. Gonzo spent 13 seasons in the big leagues and a couple with the Rays. This is my favorite because it is somehow my first 2006 Topps Heritage card. I have been obsessed with this series, but for some reason, the 2006 set has completely eluded me so far. Anyone else have any Rays cards from this series? As a kid, one of my friends stole a bunch of 1957 cards from his Dad. I traded him a couple of Don Mattingly rookies and a Walgreens boxed set for a Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews and Warren Spahn. I guess I was a Braves fan back then…The Aaron (reverse negative card) was the prize of my collection for a long time, but it ended up paying my water bill about 15 years ago, the others are gone too and this Alex Gonzalez card is the closest thing to a ’57 card I own.
Thanks so much to Mark from Stats on the Back! These cards made my day! Mark is collecting one card of every person to play for the Mets and every person in the Hall of Fame, go to his blog and check out who he still needs! Speaking of needs... I will post my list of former Devil Rays cards that I still need very soon. Anyone who has Devil Rays autos, lets trade! Anyone who knows where to find ex-Rays who have fallen under the radar, please let me know...
Go Rays!!!! Troll out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Addition to the Family, Plus a Blaster of O-Pee-Chee

This weekend our family got a little bit bigger… Joining Esther Gin N Juice, myself and Sally Stitches in the Troll household (which isn’t actually under a bridge) is a fifty pound baby girl named Emma Estrella Margherita Bacontowne (Troll). She bears little resemblance to her mother (or father) but we both could not be more proud of our little bundle of joy.
As part of the celebration of the birth (arrival) of our youngest daughter, Esther Gin purchased a blaster and a few packs of 2009 O Pee Chee. I have been dying to check this product out for a while. I’ve even considered collecting the whole set.
We ripped the blaster (and a few bonus packs) while our baby sat beside the bed and watched with fascination. I don’t think she quite understands why her father gets so darn excited about certain little bits of cardboard. Anyway, expect lil Emma to make frequent appearances in the blog. We have not yet put her on skates, but she does have a derby name already. Emma Bytcha.
I really liked the OPC product a lot; I think this is one that I would like to build a set of. I understand why people are really getting into this. With our new situation, new mouth to feed, diapers (bones) to buy, etc. I think I am gonna have to hold off on trying to finish this set, but… I did luck out and pull a few Rays cards-Ben Zobrist, Matt Joyce and Jeff Niemann (oddly with a very old photo) and a team checklist. The checklist is awesome cuz it lists the names and numbers and makes making my want list really simple. I think that it is pretty awesome that OPC included 21 different Rays cards in this set-that makes it awesome! It also includes the only (to my knowledge) Rays cards of Gabe Kapler and Jason Isringhausen. Those two will be tops on my list!
I did manage to pull 17 black parallels, one black mini of Placido Polanco, an Award Show of the Flyin’ Hawaiian, Shane Victorino and a Face of the Franchise card of Tim Lincecum(seriously cool looking subset!). One card that sticks out like a sore thumb is a glossy Upper Deck 30th Anniversary card of Giants Hall of Famer, Orlando Cepeda. That leaves me with 76 base cards and 17 black parallels for trade, along with the inserts, so get in touch if you need any of those. The Rays cards, and I want them all, are: 42 Willy Aybar, 44 Gabe Gross, 48 Jason Bartlett, 53 BJ Upton, 96 Carl Crawford, 135 James Shields, 138 JP Howell, 139 Ben Zobrist, 171 Carlos Pena, 245 Matt Garza, 272 Pat Burrell, 284 Andy Sonnanstine, 298 Gabe Kapler, 317 Akinori, 381 Scott Kazmir, 400 Evan Longoria, 424 Dan Wheeler, 459 Jeff Niemann, 464 Matt Joyce, 473 Dioner Navarro, 482 Jason Isringhausen and 559 Season Moment.
Get in touch if you have any of these, or if you just wanna say how cute our new baby is!
Cheers! Troll out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The (Magnificent) Seven Most Wanted!

Anyone who reads this blog knows that my collecting tendencies fall into two different categories. I am trying to finish a bunch of Topps Heritage sets, AND I love the Tampa Bay Rays. Every now and then those worlds collide and I find a card that I need that is both a Rays card and a Heritage card. That means that I want (NEED) that card twice as bad. There are 7 cards that fall into that category right now; they comprise the Collective Troll Seven Most Wanted Cards!
1. 2007 Topps Heritage Carl Crawford SP # 103 (I’ve been hunting for this one for 3, count ‘em 3 years and it continues to elude me.
2. 2008 Topps Heritage Scott Kazmir SP # 434 (Big deal he gave up a second inning grand slam and was on the losing end of a perfect game, he’s still our Ace)
3. 2008 Topps Heritage Update Gabe Gross SP #702 (Our starting right fielder doesn’t have a ton of cards, he finally gets one in the Heritage set and its an SP)
4. 2009 Topps Heritage Jason Bartlett SP #431 (I am still trying to call myself a Jason Bartlett Super collector, plus I am trying to finish this set, I need this one!)
5. 2008 Topps Heritage Update Evan Longoria #650 (It’s not even an SP, but it’s Longo, I haven’t pulled one and nobody is offering this one)
6. 2009 Topps Heritage Rays Coaches SP #462 (I was really excited that the Rays coaching staff had a floating head card, now I want one!)
7. 2008 Topps Heritage Update Ben Zobrist #577 (Again, this isn’t an SP either, but Zobrist cards are at a premium, too, plus he looks pretty goofy in all of the other cards I’ve seen, I could use a few of this one)
Well, that is it, the 7 most wanted cards in Troll Towne, and there is a reward for the safe capture of these pups. Get in touch if you can help. It's bacontowne at yahoooo dot something or other...Go Rays! Troll out.
END NOTES: Unless otherwise noted, any card I show on this blog is in my collection and is available for trade. I borrowed these 7 images from ebay and other sources.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Defeated? Yes. Bitter? Hardly.

Wow… What a game yesterday. I am talking of course about Mark Buehrle’s perfect game. It’s never fun to be on the losing end, but from a fan’s perspective, it’s awesome to watch no matter what team you root for. The shear speed in which he worked the game was amazing. He had control from the first inning on. I think they said that the average at bat in the game was less than 60 seconds. There were inning halves that were seriously shorter than the commercials in between innings. I think that by now everyone has seen the highlights of both Buehrle and Dewayne Wise’s (card is created and borrowed by White Sox Cards blog) amazing catch. There isn’t really too much more that I can say other than congrats and thanks! Thanks to Buehrle for making history and showing that the best games aren’t the ones where home runs are flying all over the place. I had a vote on this blog last week for the mid season Cy Young Award. Around 30 people placed votes and Roy Halliday won the vote on the AL side with Zach Greinke and Justin Verlander at 2nd and 3rd. Mark Buehrle didn’t receive any votes. Maybe his ERA is a little high, maybe compared to those other 3 his strikeouts are down. I wonder if I had the same vote tomorrow, how many people would go with the lefty from Chicago? After this start his record has improved to 11-3 and his ERA has dropped to 3.28. He has struck out 76 batters in 134 innings. It was the first perfect game for a White Sox hurler since 1922 when Charlie Robertson blanked the Tigers. It was the first in the Majors since Randy Johnson blanked the Braves 5 years ago. It was the 16th Perfect Game since 1881 and Buehrle became the 6th pitcher to have both a perfect game and a no-hitter in the Majors. The other guys? Cy Young, Jim Bunning, Sandy Koufax, Addie Joss and Randy Johnson also had the ultimate pair of dominant games. Not too shabby for a 38th round pick out of Jefferson…
I was planning on doing a post about Tom Seaver today. My wife found this picture of him and a terribly goofy looking kid, circa 1985. Tom Terrific never threw a perfect game, but he did throw a no no in 1978. He also managed 12 trips to the All Star game, 3 Cy Young Awards, a Rookie of the Year Award and a World Series ring. Oh, he also won 311 games and struck out 3,640 batters in his career, but he never pitched a perfect game.
Congrats again to Mark Buehrle and the Chicago White Sox! Nothing like a perfect game to throw in some positive momentum for a pennant race.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Trade With Zach and the Autographed Cards Blog

Wow, it seems like I’ve been making posts about this contest for so long, I’ve forgotten how to write my signature, boring-as-hell, 50,000 word, no-one-but-my-wife-reads-‘em posts. It may take a post or two before I get back into mid-season form, but until then, I have a stack of trades that I have received these past 3 weeks that I have dying to write about.
I am going to start with a two-card trade cuz I don’t have a lot of time before work and school. I have to go back in time a tiny bit for this one. It was the week that the King of Pop had died and I wanted to do an Eighties post, so I started writing about 1987 Donruss Opening Day and then gave away team sets from the set. There were only two teams that two different readers tried to claim. One was the Kansas City Royals-a team that still featured HOFer George Brett, long time Royals Frank White and Willie Wilson and young prospects like Kevin Seitzer, Danny Tartabull and Bo Jackson. Zach from (Autographed Cards Blog) asked for the set second. I was surprised that I had enough response to have two readers ask for the same team and I really enjoyed the Autographed Cards blog, so I sent Zach some cards from my collection as a consolation prize. I think that John Wathan was the only autographed Royal I had; I’ve always appreciated the catcher who can steal a base, so I sent that his way with a few others. It was meant as a gift, but since then we’ve corresponded a bit. I decided that I wanted to collect an autograph of every (Devil) Rays player on their All-Time roster (stole the idea from the Great Orioles Autograph Project-another great blog) and he gave me some tips on getting ‘graphs. Anyway, I was surprised when I got a package from him. I opened it up and did not find any autographed cards, but rather two really sharp inserts of current Rays players. The first is from the 2009 Upper Deck Icons set. I just started seeing packs of this for sale this month; I have yet to bite on them. I already have an awesome insert now anyway. It is card #IC-SK of lefty Scott Kazmir. It is an ultra low serial number, 006/999. It’s a really sharp card, but my scanner bed is dirty and it hates foil cards for some reason. I found it odd that Upper Deck would include a guy that has been on the DL for most of the year and struggling otherwise, but I do believe that Kaz is still a great pitcher.
The other card is of a guy who is actually having a great season right now. He was an All Star for the 3rd time, he’s leading the Majors in steals and he was named MVP of the All Star Game. Obviously I am talking about Carl Crawford. This is a jersey relic from the 2008 Topps Series 2 series. They have 5-pack retail blasters of these that were 10 bucks, but now (being a year old) many retailers have them marked down to 5 or even 3 dollars for the 5 pack box. I think I have bought about 80 of them. 5 packs for 3 bucks of a decent product make it my favorite impulse buy of late. Anyway, with all of those boxes, I have yet to pull a jersey card. I way excited to find one in this envelope, and of CC, one of my favorite players to boot. This is jersey card #12 of him for me now. I don’t have any doubles yet, I keep on lucking out with that. I don’t have more than 2 relic cards of any other players in my collection. I am still hunting for a CC bat card and any Jason Bartlett relic cards if anyone out there has any…
I am glad to be back in the saddle of regular posts… I am still working 7 nights a week, I have a wedding to do this weekend, plus family and all, but this blog is therapy to me, plus I love to get mail!!! Next week is my final week of the class I am taking this semester. I have to give a persuasive speech. I’ve given two speeches in this class so far. One on roller derby, one on Satchel Paige, but this one is the biggie. My topic is buying American and speaks out against outsourcing of jobs. I have tried not to get political on this blog, but as a working class American (who can’t find work in his field) I am pretty passionate about it. I’ve done a ton of research and after my findings; I don’t think I will ever set foot in a Wal-Mart store again! That doesn’t mean I don’t like the black Topps cards from this year, I just won’t be shopping there myself. Anyway, if anyone wants to chat on that issue, please shoot me an e-mail. Also, I still have 3 Donruss Opening Day team sets that were claimed, but the people never sent me their addresses. If you claimed the A’s, Brewers, Braves or Astros or if you want the Reds or Mariners-please get in touch…Today is the last day in the series against the White Sox in Chicago. These have seriously been some good competitive games between two evenly matched teams. Scott Kazmir is working this afternoon against All Star Mark Buehrle, who is going for his 11th win. By the way... I wish I had more time so I could touch on the Pirates trading LaRoche to Boston. I knew that Division Leaders would pick the Pirates clean of their stars again this year. I am not happy about it, but at least they didn't send him to New York...
Go Rays!!! Troll out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have a winner!!!! The 33 entrants were all placed into a hat (by me) and then drawn from said hat by a blind-folded and impartial third party (the lovely Esther Gin N Juice) at the Troll Quarters this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who entered! I think we will make contests like this a regular part of this blog. Anyway, without further adieu, I will announce the winner…(imagine a drum roll)
The winner is Jason “The Jaw” from Illinois. He is a Cubs fan, so he is probably not accustomed to winning… Anyway, he voted for Cy Young and MVP and therefore was entitled to pick two cards. He chose Harold Baines and Tony Gwynn, two of the best pure hitters of the 80’s and 90’s. I will get those mailed off to you this week Jason. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the All Star edition of Troll giveaway time! Oh, the rest of the cards (other than Gwynn and Baines) are available for trade for Heritage SPs or cool Rays cards.
Go Rays! Troll out.

MVP and Cy Young Award Winners - Results From Readers Poll

The fans have spoken!!! Twenty-eight readers have voted and after careful tabulation, we have winners and will name the mid-season, Collective Troll MVP and Cy Young Award Winners for the American and National Leagues. First, the Cy Young award, in the National League the winner is San Francisco Giants Ace Tim Lincecum. The “Freak” is currently 10-2 with a 2.27 ERA. He has 159 strikeouts while yielding just 35 walks. The Giants hurler received 21 votes. Second place goes to Arizona’s ace Dan Haren. Although he has suffered more losses (10-5), Haren’s line is even more impressive with a lower ERA of 1.96, while striking out 137 and walking 18. Chad Billingsley, Zack Duke and Johan Santana each received one vote.
The American League had a slightly closer race, but the winner is the Toronto Blue Jays Roy Halladay, who collected 13 votes. He is 11-3 with a 2.73 ERA. He has struck out 113 batters, while walking only 17. Coming in second is Kansas City starter (7 votes) Zach Greinke who is 10-5 with a lower ERA of 2.08. He also has more strikeouts (136) and walks (24) than Halladay. Detroit’s Justin Verlander (4 votes) placed 3rd. He is 10-5 with a 3.34 ERA and a whopping 155 strikeouts against 39 walks. His teammate Edwin Jackson received one vote, as did Tim Wakefield, Josh Beckett and Scott Kazmir. There were no relief pitchers who received any votes.
The MVP battle was pretty clear cut, too. Not too much of a race in the National League. St. Louis Cardinals first baseman and two-time MVP Albert Pujols received 26 votes. He is batting .333 with 34 home runs and 90 RBIs, leading the league in the latter two categories. Also receiving votes (1 each) were Milwaukee slugger Prince Fielder and Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez.
In the American League the race was a tiny bit closer, but hardly a race. Minnesota Twins catcher and two-time batting champ, Joe Mauer was the winner. Mauer is hitting an astounding .358 while hitting 15 homeruns and driving in 49. All that offense and the guy is a Gold Glove catcher, too. Tampa Bay’s left fielder Carl Crawford and Angels center fielder Torii Hunter tied for second place with 4 votes each. Mauer’s teammate Justin Morneau received two votes. Carlos Pena, Ichiro, Kevin Youkiliss and Curtis Granderson each received a vote.
Thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to the winners! Let’s see if this proves to be a microcosm of the BBWA. The contest winners will be posted tomorrow.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Contest is Closed, Bombers Win!

The contest has been closed. Thanks to all who entered. We had 28 people vote for Cy Young and MVP. I will announce the results tomorrow. I will pull the winner then as well. The Bombers dominated the entire bout, winning handily. I think the final score was 150-80. They held the lead from the opening jam on.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day to Enter the Contest!!!

Just a reminder, today is the last day for everyone to enter the contest and make their votes for MVP and Cy Young. I will close it up after the derby bout tonight. As you may or may know, the Bradentucky Bombers are playing the final bout of their season tonight, at home in Bradenton. They are welcoming the Fort Myers Palm City Punishers.
Just a reminder, if you commented on the prior post and you are not a follower of the blog, you will not be entered. You can solve this by following the blog... Anyway, if you haven't entered yet, please do so. The cards that aren't claimed are up for trade, so feel free to make offers in you are interested in anything specific. Good luck to all.
Go Bombers!! Go Rays! Troll out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FREE STUFF!!! The First Ever Collective Troll Contest!

A contest, a contest, a contest!!! Free stuff, free stuff, and free stuff!!! Today is one of the two days of the year during baseball season that there are no Major League games on and I am a bit bored, I am home from work early and there is another half an hour before ESPN 2 starts showing the AAA All Star Game (Reid Brignac starting at shortstop!) so I am going to give some stuff away. This is an All Star themed post. There are 12 different cards (the absolute best of my small collection) to choose from, each representing an All Star player. First, we have a 2007 Upper Deck Legendary Materials Cuts card (19/99) of 6 time All Star Harold Baines. Next is a 2009 Upper Deck Dual Swatch (60/75) of 2008 All Star Joakim "The Mexicutioner" Soria. A 2006 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness (uncorrected error) Card of 8-time All Star Vladimir Guerrero. A 1999 Topps Chrome Traded (PSA 9 MINT) card (#T46) of 2009 All Star Carlos Pena.
A 2008 Allen & Ginter Jersey Card of 3 time All Star Carl Crawford.
A 2009 Upper Deck Game Used Patch (12/25) of 6-time All Star Roy Halladay.
A 2009 Topps Patch Card of 14-time All Star Reggie Jackson.
A 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials (101/155) of 3-time All Star Robin Yount.
A 2008 Upper Deck Timeless Moments card of 2-time All Star Prince Fielder.
A 2009 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Card of 2-time All Star Kevin Youkilis.
A 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts (94/99) Je rsey Card of 15-time All Star Tony Gwynn.
And last, but not really least, a two for one deal...
A 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Dual Swatch (21/99) card featuring both 2-time All Star Prince Fielder and 2-time All Star Ryan Braun.
Now, I realize that I didn’t cover every team here, but I think that I threw in enough Hall of Famers to make everyone happy. If you insist, when you select, write in Pujols, A-Rod, Chipper or David Ortiz and you will receive a random memorabilia card of my choice featuring that player.
Okay, the rules. First, you must follow this blog to play. Second, you can only enter via the comments on this thread of this blog. Any entry received after midnight on Sunday July 19, 2009 (the date of the next Bradentucky Bombers bout) will be voided. You can win one or two of the cards listed above. To win one, simply comment with your name, your favorite team or player, the state or country that you live in and which one card you would like. To win two cards, do everything listed above, plus select a second card, plus vote for your choice for MVP and Cy Young for this year (thus far) in both the American and National Leagues. That easy. I will post the first comment with a sample of how to do this. My entry will be voided because I am not a follower of this blog. I, along with witnesses and a camera, will pull the winner’s name from a hat (containing all the entries) early next week. I will then post the winners first name and the card they picked and contact them for their address to send them their card. Sorry there are few options for West Coast fans, I have zero luck in pulling Dodgers or Giants cards ever. I checked at my local card shop today and no dice. Sorry. Okay, good luck!
Four quick end notes...First, every card here (other than the PSA) is pack fresh and stored in a one-screw down Ultra Pro holder and covered in a team set bag. Second, was Robin Yount only an All Star three times? I might be misreading my encyclopedia because that just doesn't sound correct. Third, the remaining cards not won will be added to a few others for another contest in August, unless an interested party wants to trade me for Rays memorabila cards. Fourth, uh...can't remember what I was going to say, umm...thanks for reading? Oh wait, the cards available are the actual ones pictured and when available, the serial numbers are listed. Okay, going to watch the AAA All Star game. Go Rays! Troll out. Oh, as an added bonus...The first person who points out the uncorrected error on the Vlad card can pick THREE cards! Oh, and the same cards can be picked by multiple people since this contest only has one winner... Remember that if you choose Cy Young and MVP, you can pick 2 cards, if not, you only pick one card. Thanks for reading!