2013 Topps - Stuff to Trade

We are 1 month away from 2013 Updates and Highlights hitting the shelves... I can't wait to start ripping that!!!!
I am good with Series 1 and 2 both. I have decided not to chase any of the inserts in this set. I have a multitiude of inserts that I would LOVE to trade. I have sold some on the 'Bay (BOO, I know) but that was more of a hastle than it was worth. Now, I just wanna lessen my load and move some of these cards and ideally get some more Rays cards for my binder. I don't have a list of what I need for Rays parallels yet. I am trying to fill pages with the following players - Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist, Desmond Jennings, Matt Moore, Chris Archer, Alex Cobb, David Price, Wil Myers, and Jose Lobaton. I don't really collect EVERYONE on the team as far as parallels go, but I do collect most of them... I have a couple of golds, a few blues and just one black parallel. I don't have any camo parallels yet, but I certainly wouldn't mind. Same goes for platinums, too...
The only insert set that I have a list made up for is the 1972 Topps Minis. I have the Longo card shown - I have that one for the binder and I'm keeping it! Anyway, get in touch if you need anything from this list - even better, get in touch with your needs list for 2013 Topps and I will do what I can to fill it. 

Here are my '72 Topps to TRADE:

TM-2 Dan Haren, TM-15 Paul Konerko, TM-17 Johnny Cueto, TM-19 Carlos Gonzalez, TM-25 Jose Reyes, TM-40 Colby Rasmus, TM-48 Lou Gehrig, TM-49 Matt Kemp, TM-52 David Freese, TM-56 David Wright, TM-57 Albert Pujols, TM-59 Shelby Miller – 2, TM-63 Yogi Berra, TM-65 Manny Machado, TM-67 Tim Lincecum, TM-75 Willie Stargell, TM-77 Fred Lynn, TM-82 Gary Sheffield – 2, TM-84 Ryan Howard, TM-85 Matt Williams, TM-86 George Brett, TM-90 Joe Morgan, TM-93 Robinson Cano – 2, TM-95 BJ Upton, TM-97 Josh Johnson and TM-98 Ernie Banks. ALL of these cards are up for trade. I am not chasing anything other than Rays parallels, relics and autos in this set, but if you have 2013 Allen and Ginter to trade – I will GLADLY take that!!! Check out my other wantlist, too – look for the lists that have been updated in 2013… THANKS for looking!
Hit me up HERE - thanks! yer pal the Troll...

UPDATED 09-01-2013

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