2010 Allen and Ginter Needs List

2010 Allen and Ginter
Need Base Cards #ed:
222 and 300.

Monsters of the Mesozoic Minis
Need: MM4

World’s Greatest Wordsmiths
WGW  7 Shen Kuo, 10, 11 Marcus Aurelius and 12 Virgil

Sailors of the Seven Seas

Lords of Olympus
DONE!!! Still looking for extra copies of Atlas...
This Day in History
TDH 9 and 33.

World’s Biggest
Need: WB6,7,8,9 and 10.
Have dupe of WB5.

Relics, autos, silks and rip cards.
If there is a Rays player on 'em, I want 'em. I have a Longo jersey and a BJ Upton bat, but I need the rest.
My priorities are to finish the base set, the Rays minis, Lords of Olympus and Worlds Greatest Wordsmiths. As you can see, I am getting close... Oh, I also REALLY want a wood parallel mini. I really don't care who at this point, I just want one...
CREATED 10-26-2010
Update 04-28-2012

Get in touch if you can help and want to trade. Reach me HERE. Go Rays! troll out.